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Unfortunately, business electricity and gas customers in the UK are bombarded with cold calls on a daily basis. At Energy Advice Line we have started a campaign to say 'no' to business energy cold calling. Click here to find out more.


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Business Telecoms savings…nothing changes except the price

As a leading price comparison service, the Energy Advice Line (EAL) has helped 1000’s of businesses save money on their electricity and gas costs. With the current economic climate in mind, they have teamed up with a leading telecoms provider to help businesses reduce the cost of another essential service.

With their new telecoms provider EAL are able to further help businesses save money and reduce their overheads. Businesses can expect to save between 15 – 30% on their current fixed line telecoms costs if they are being billed by BT.

Businesses shouldn’t worry about losing contact as the lines stay with BT wholesale so there is no disruption to the service, the only thing they will notice is a reduction in the bills. Not only do they save money on the call rate, as there is no minimum call charge and per second billing, but also there is an online billing platform that allows customers to track the calls and expenditure.

The additional good news is that this service is completely free all that’s needed is a copy of the latest bill – this will allow EAL to provide a costs savings proposal that can be emailed to the desktop within 24 hours. Once agreed, EAL will take care of all of the details.

As well as switching advice, EAL’s recommendations include help with new connections, new phone systems, and inbound marketing numbers (0800, 0845 etc) all aimed at helping businesses make further savings.

EAL maintains a transparent service and as such there are no fees involved from the client side as EAL receive an introduction from the new provider.

As a leading business gas and business electricity price comparison service, EAL have helped 1000’s of businesses save money on their business electricity and business gas bills, with up to 50% on their yearly costs!

On their site, besides finding great savings on telecoms businesses, you can compare prices on your current business electricity and business gas prices.

With an in-house team of telecoms specialists EAL can assist customers with any information or queries they may have.

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