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Compare the Commercial Electricity Market in Confidence with Energy Advice Line

Unfortunately commercial electricity prices, like energy tariffs in the domestic sector, show no sign of slowing down and the trend looks to continue. As energy continues to move it’s way up the balance sheet in terms of importance, it is more important than ever for businesses in the UK to engage with the market – to compare and keep their organisation’s spending under control.

Shop Around to Keep Prices Low

If you are moving into a new business premises, or coming to the end of your fixed term contract with your current supplier, it has never been more important to spend a bit of time consulting the market and seeing what options are available.

Shopping around for the best deals is the only way to ensure you are not paying higher commercial electricity prices than you need to, and that you – not the utility companies – are in control of your spending.

To do this effectively, you need to search the market and compare the offerings from the different suppliers. It is perfectly possible for you to compare prices yourself independently, but it is worth considering using a reputable price comparison and switching service like the Energy Advice Line.

Better prices with Energy Advice Line

Some of the commercial electricity prices we can offer you are only available through Energy Advice Line due to the number of contracts that we place on a daily basis and excellent relationships that we have built up with our supplier partners. We are the only UK service tailored exclusively to the needs of organisations, so we are the experts in this sector.

In addition, we take the hassle out of changing suppliers because we handle the whole switching process for you, free of charge. All you have to do is input your meter information online and using our quote engine we will show you the best tariffs on offer from our diverse panel of suppliers.

Remember, the Energy Advice Line is completely impartial and independent and is not aligned to a particular company. When you have chosen the supplier with the best electricity prices for your organisation’s needs, we will take over and handle the switching process for you. This leaves you free to get on with running your organisation.

At Energy Advice Line, we do not cold call any prospects, but firmly believe that if you want to compare the market you should invite the contact and speak to a company that you want to speak to. There is nothing worse than being bombarded by unsolicited cold callers – that’s why we actively campaign against it – JOIN the campaign TODAY!

We get over 96% of contracts live first time!

Furthermore, our service does not end once you have locked in the cheapest electricity supplier. Our team of experts will be available for the duration of your contract to help with any queries. When your prices are coming to an end in line with the expiration of your contract, we will let you know with a free reminder. The last thing your organisation needs is to find itself stuck in an expensive roll over contract, where you could be faced with paying excessive rates for the energy your organisation uses.

Best Price First Time Policy

At Energy Advice Line, we offer our customers the best price first time to try and save them as much money as possible. If we compare this with the majority of suppliers on a direct basis, they will only tend to offer you a price in the first instance which allows them to earn as much money as possible.

The renewal proposal from the supplier is designed to make them as much money as possible to the detriment of you – the customer! Energy Advice Line is at the complete opposite end of the scale by being very transparent and offering you the best price first time! It is then up to you make sure that you pick up on this renewal letter in time, do not miss the assumed renewal or the very high out of contract rates.

The energy regulator OFGEM has confirmed that the UK organisations paying the lowest tariffs are those that regularly switch suppliers rather than stay with the same utility company year after year. The Energy Advice Line can not only save you money by helping you do this, but makes the switching process a lot easier than you think.

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We keep track of the latest news that can influence the price you pay and term of your contract. All the the latest energy news is available here.

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Our Supplier Panel

The Energy Advice Line is the UK's leading online price comparison and switching service dedicated to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Our online quotation engine has been designed to facilitate speedy but accurate commercial electricity and gas prices – all at the click of a button to allow you to search the market for the lowest prices from an extensive panel of suppliers and contract options.

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Say 'No' to cold calling on business energy

Unfortunately, business electricity and business gas customers in the UK are bombarded with unsolicited cold calls on a daily basis.

This unscrupulous approach does not offer the business energy customer an impartial view on the market and the price offered is more often 20-30% above the current retail price for electricity or gas.

At Energy Advice Line we strongly advise customers to not accept these offers and follow our simple steps to ensure that they are not locked into an uncompetitive contract.

Join our cold calling campaign here, and spread the word to say 'no' to cold calling on business energy!

Say No To Cold Calling on Business Energy