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We compare the market using
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Why use Energy Advice Line?

We are experts in helping businesses get a better deal for their gas and electricity, making it easy compare and switch to cheaper, better price.

The process is completely online. Designed to be as simple as possible.

You will avoid expensive rates in the future as we will be on hand to help you arrange a new deal and remind you when it’s time to renew.

Why Do I Need A Business Electricity Fixed Term Contract

Businesses typically pay different rates to domestic users, and fixed term contracts are designed to protect your businesses from future price changes.

A business contract is similar to a mobile-phone contract. You set up the policy for a term of between 1 and 5 years typically.

Helping Businesses Compare the Market Since 2006

When it comes to the costs for your electricity and gas, we would advise all businesses to compare the market to get an understanding on current price levels and if your current supplier has offered you a competitive renewal price.

You can simply compare online using our comparison engine. We have helped 1000’s of customers beat their electricity renewal rates and save as much as 70%.

Online Business Electricity Price Comparison

We are an online comparison and switching service dedicated to businesses in the UK. Our online engine allows a business owner or decision maker and opportunity of comparing the market in just a few minutes.

Even if you do not have your bill in front of you, all you that you need is your postcode to see prices from an extensive panel of competitive suppliers, so you can make a saving with the confidence that you have conducted an extensive comparison and made a well-informed, confident decision.

Our service does not end with getting you the cheapest rates, we will also manage your switch and make sure that you transfer to your new supplier as quickly as possible. Most importantly you will not suffer any interruption to your supply!

The most important element of protecting your Company from unplanned price rises is two-fold. Firstly, we always advice customers moving into a new work premises is to compare and switch energy as soon as the lease or freehold agreement has been signed, to avoid being moved onto very expensive out-of-contract rates we help you find the cheap business electricity prices.

Secondly, if you are coming to the end of a fixed term contract with your current supplier, it has never been more important to spend some time and go online to compare rates against what you are being offered on renewal.

See the latest Business Electricity and Gas Prices using

Ask your Energy Advice Line advisor to be subscribed to LIVE QUOTE so you can see the latest prices from all suppliers for your meter as and when they change. Suppliers prices are changing daily so it has never been more important to see the latest available.

See the latest wholesale market price trends

Check the wholesale market every Monday with our weekly price trends update. You can even subscribe and get the email delivered straight to your inbox.

Contract Renewal Reminder Service

Your account manager will contact you on approach to the end of your fixed term contract expiry date and the current business electricity price comparison rates. We will contact you with your renewal offer from your current supplier as well as compare them with what is available from other suppliers as new business options.

Our aim is to seamlessly secure the most competitive price and prevent your current supplier from moving you onto expensive roll over or ‘deemed out of contract’ prices, which are designed to maximize the supplier’s profitability – to the detriment of its customer.

Controlling the Cost of your Business’ Electricity Bills

Energy regulator OFGEM has investigated business price comparison and found that firms who use a reputable price comparison service, like the EAL, are more likely to have lower bills than those who stay with the same supplier year after year. There is no doubt that it literally pays to shop around and to stay in control of the businesses electricity or gas supply.

Leading the way on Trustpilot

Trustpilot are considered one of the best review communities in the UK that builds trust and transparency between consumers and businesses. It gives the opportunity for all EAL customers to review our service.

Please check our latest reviews here.

Best Price First Time Policy

When you contact Energy Advice Line, whether you compare prices online or call a customer advisor at our UK service center we will offer you the best price first time for your meter configuration. Our overriding aim is to save our customers as much money as possible by doing the best business electricity comparison possible.

As a direct comparison, if we compare this with the majority of suppliers on a direct basis, they will only tend to offer you a price in the first instance that will allow them to earn as much money as possible. It is then up to you to make an informed decision on what you do going forward. This does not sit very well with the team at EAL, as this approach creates an element of distrust between supplier and customer – which ultimately affects the trust perception of the customer on the entire market.

We remain completely independent of this and our track record over the 10 years and the vast number of positive customer reviews we receive backs up our promise that we will offer you the best, most competitive price first time every time

Facts about Contracts

The majority of businesses (93%) have a fixed contract for their gas/electricity supply and pay by direct debit (86%). Around two thirds of businesses with a fixed term contract report that the duration of these are for either one (32%) or two (34%) years.

41% of businesses recall receiving the contract renewal letter reported having read it in detail; 47% had glanced at it or skim read it. Recent ‘switchers’ and those who have recently shopped around for a new contract were more likely to have read the letter in detail.

82% of businesses with fixed term contracts know when it ends; 59% know exactly and 23% know approximately. Three fifths of businesses with fixed term contracts (62%) know when they are able to start renegotiating or giving notice of termination; 16% know exactly and 46% know approximately.

Key Findings about the The Market

  • 41% use both mains electricity and gas
  • 56% of businesses with both mains electricity and gas have the same supplier for both
  • On average, businesses spend £4,048 (including VAT) per annum on electricity; £2,744 (including VAT) on mains gas.
  • Across all businesses, electricity expenditure accounts for 80% of all energy expenditure; gas expenditure for 20%.
  • Across businesses with both mains electricity and gas, electricity expenditure accounts for 63% of all energy expenditure; gas expenditure for 37%.
  • On average, electricity expenditure accounts for 14% of all costs across sites and 11% for gas.
  • In 2016 1 in 3 businesses (33%) report having a smart meter; a slightly higher proportion than in 2014 (30%).
  • The majority of businesses said they pay for their supply by direct debit (86%). Businesses with 10-49 employees are more likely to pay this way (89%) in comparison to businesses with 1-4 employees (84%).
  • 1 in 10 businesses pay only on receipt of the bill (via cash, cheque, credit card or BACS). There is little variation in this respect by business size, but the proportion that pay on receipt of the bill is higher than average within the construction (14%) and business services (13%) sectors.
  • Paying on receipt of a bill is more prevalent amongst the small proportion of businesses without a fixed term contract (32%, compared with 9% of those that are on a fixed term contract).
  • The majority of businesses (93%) have a fixed term contract for their gas/electricity supply. This is a similar proportion to that reported in 2014 (92%). It varies little by business size but is higher than average amongst businesses within the transport, food and accommodation sectors (97%) and lowest within business services sectors (90%).

The latest business energy industry and market news is available by here.

Finding the right service for energy prices no longer has to be the pain it once was – First tip we would give is stay away from the cold callers in this market! As your probably already aware cold calling is absolutely rife and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon, recently Ofgem changed the rules on rollover of contracts making it easier to get out of them and find a better price which was a massive win for the consumer!

Now the bad part the cold callers from all counties jumped on board and started calling all hours of the day so our first bit of advice is be careful never sign up to a cold caller.

Our service makes your whole switch over incredibly easy as 100% of it is done online – all you need to do is enter your business postcode to start the process.

Here at Energy Advice Line we even go one step further we will help you should you have a problem in your supply and even call you to remind you contract is due up this way you won’t get stuck on any higher price contracts while you sort out your supply.

Don’t be fooled a lot of people get hit with this every year this is how the suppliers make their money and trust me you don’t want to be on the end of one of these price hikes.

See the latest news

We keep track of the latest news that can influence the price you pay and term of your contract. All the the latest energy news is available here.

Contact us for advice

Please contact us today so we can help you make a decision and make sure you are on the best prices possible.

Our Supplier Panel

The Energy Advice Line is the UK's leading online price comparison and switching service dedicated to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Our online quotation engine has been designed to facilitate speedy but accurate commercial electricity and gas prices – all at the click of a button to allow you to search the market for the lowest prices from an extensive panel of suppliers and contract options.

Customers Love Us !

Say 'No' to cold calling on business energy

Unfortunately, business electricity and business gas customers in the UK are bombarded with unsolicited cold calls on a daily basis.

This unscrupulous approach does not offer the business energy customer an impartial view on the market and the price offered is more often 20-30% above the current retail price for electricity or gas.

At Energy Advice Line we strongly advise customers to not accept these offers and follow our simple steps to ensure that they are not locked into an uncompetitive contract.

Join our cold calling campaign here, and spread the word to say 'no' to cold calling on business energy!

Say No To Cold Calling on Business Energy