Energy to run our factories and computers

Business Energy is a necessary requirement when it comes to keeping the business show running. It may look like something not so important comparing company policy, business approach and customer value and all that money making theory. But we tend to sort of forget that this is an area where a business unit can save and loss so much that at the end it will end up making a difference. Make no mistake Business Energy is something that will keep the buildings shining at night, keep the employees comfortable even in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter. It is something that will be there with the business unit as long as it is there in the picture.

So when we think about Business Energy we should think about it as a long term goal. It is about the service we are going to get. The benefits that come with those services. All those things we have to consider before making any decision. As I write this article a question keeps coming into my mind. What is the ultimate energy resource? Everyone wants the ultimate product, so it is not certainly an improper thought.
The thing with business power Is that there is no ‘best’ resources. The way modern world is progressing with invention occurring every now and then there is always going to be a better business energy resource. Like any other field they are also playing catch up games.

So the question is how are we going to be sure that we are getting the best service and we will keep getting all the upgraded features till the contract ends? That is a very valid question because technology is such a field where it is very hard to tell where you are going to stand tomorrow by looking at your current situation. It is an ever changing field where the best technology we use today might become obsolete tomorrow. So that is why we must invest in such a company who might not be the best energy resource at the moment, but it is always doing whatever it takes to be a better business energy resource.

But there is another way to reduce the cost limit. That is when business energy audit comes into the picture. If we look at a small statistic, we can understand the necessity of business energy audit. A general computer can consume 500 KW-hours of electricity per year. So depending on the size of your business unit you can understand the amount you have to pay just to keep the computer running.

An audit can help identifying the links which can be shut down and still keep the workflow going. It can shape the requirement of the company such a way that it will need a very less amount of energy and still operate at the same intensity. Energy audits, use information from Building Management Systems to point out the sources which consume most of the energy. It has been observed that good energy audit can lead up to 40% savings. Surely the above data prove that business energy audit is an important area that should not be overlooked by any means.

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