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Save energy with small precautions

Saving energy is very important when it comes to maintaining the environment, but it’s also better for business. Saving the excess usage, companies can eliminate the unnecessary costs & increase the savings. Business energy saving can be associated with the basics of everything from lighting systems to the latest in heating & cooling systems. We’ve got tips that you can use to ensure you’re choosing the right technologies and using them effectively. There are lots of business energy saving tips that can save a lot of energy and cut down the bill amount as well. You can follow some of these business energy saving tips:

Practices of energy efficiency: It depends on the utility of the company that you are paying; they usually have off to the high peak times during full day. And try the best to only use the excess energy during the low / off peak times. Persuade your employees to also follow this same thing and check how the energy usage decreases with the more initiative.

By installing solar panels: The solar energy is a free, renewable source of energy and clean in nature. The Solar panels might look to be cost expensive on the overview, but that cost can be recovered within a few years if solar energy is used. The solar panels last longer & have few maintenance problems. This will help you to bring in better business energy saving.

Install motion sensitive lights: Normally we forget to turn off the lights while leaving a place and the lights consume the energy even when we do not need them. The Motion sensing lights will be turned off automatically as and when there is no one in the room. You can use the natural light source by opening your window and thus you will be able to save the business energy a lot.

Cooling and Heating: One of the largest energy costs for businesses is maintaining a suitable temperature. It’s also important for employees’ comfort and productivity, also for product freshness and several other cases. Power rating of the air conditioning systems is measured in Kilowatts. It is generally recommended that you use 125 Watts per square meter of the total floor area to be heated or cooled. You can save energy in the winter by setting the thermostat to 68°F when your business office is open and switching it off when your business is closed. In summer time, you can use the same system with central air conditioning by keeping your office warmer than the normal when you are away & lowering the thermostat setting to 78°F when you are at the office. That way you can have business energy savings.

Use hibernation option of your computers and laptops: In laptops and desktops hibernate feature allows having your current work saved as it is & you can continue from the same point the next day. You can schedule your workstation to switch to the hibernate feature after working hours and during weekends to increase business energy savings.

Enhance protection over cable/satellite connections and phone: Excess usage can be through telephone wires, electrical wires or cable/satellite lines. Only a surge protection device can provide the protection line, on which it is installed.

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