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We compare the market using
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Compare Business Energy Prices

At the Energy Advice Line we have worked really hard to make price comparison and switching as simple and as transparent as possible.

Realising that electricity had gas comparison can sometimes be way down the list of priorities for business owners and decision makers our online comparison engine is designed to be as quick as possible. With the key objective of helping small and medium sized businesses quickly understand what is available, so that they can make a well informed, confident decision when choosing their energy supplier.

Shopping around for cheap energy prices can be time consuming and complex. Sometimes this essential task gets overlooked when it really shouldn’t be, as saving on your essential electricity or gas overhead should be a priority for every company.

Dedicated UK Customer Advisors

Our friendly team of UK account managers are on hand at every stage should you wish to ask them for any advice about the options available. Their aim is to make sure that you have all of the important, critical information before making a decision that can affect the profitability of your business.

Track the latest energy price trends

With energy costs now much higher as a result of the energy price crisis it has never been more critical for business owners and decision makers to be on the best possible price.

We have developed an easy to understand “bite-sized” view of the latest wholesale energy market trends, designed to help business chose the right time to engage with the market and agree their next contract.

Please click here to see the latest trends. You can even subscribe to getting the latest price trends email delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.

Energy is an essential overhead that needs to be addressed to get the best prices

It only takes a few minutes to compare the market. We have tried our best to make it easy to compare electricity – all you have to do is input your business postcode online and we will instantly compare business energy prices suitable for your business from our panel of suppliers.

See the latest industry news and views

Given where prices are at the moment, it has never been more important to keep up to date with the latest changes in the market.

Click here to see the latest information.

Price Comparison Made Easy

Comparing business energy prices is the easiest and cheapest way to save your organisation money – energy regulator OFGEM has confirmed that this is true. Organisations that stay with the same supplier year after year are probably paying more than they need to for their business energy. And as UK electricity prices have gone up by 20% in the last 2 years, and show no sign of slowing down, it is more important than ever to shop around and compare the prices when your fixed term contract is coming to an end.

Unless you give your supplier notice and tell them you want to leave, your electricity supply may flip to an expensive out of contract rate that can be 30% higher. For many unsuspecting organisations, this has resulted in significant hikes in their prices.

Crucial Areas to Consider when Changing Energy Supplier

The Energy Advice Line is the only service in the UK tailored exclusively to the needs of organisations and we are completely independent and impartial. This means we do not represent any single supply company.

In addition to searching the market to find you the best prices, we also offer a range of other services from our team of experts.

We will help you through the switching process, make sure that you know when you are about to switch and then be on hand to help with any billing or account queries during the contract. It does not stop here as we will also contact you on approach to the end of your fixed term contracts with our reminder service so that you are not caught out at the end of your fixed term contract.

See the latest news

We keep track of the latest news that can influence the price you pay and term of your contract. All the the latest energy news is available here.

Contact us for advice

Please contact us today so we can help you make a decision and make sure you are on the best prices possible.

Our Supplier Panel

The Energy Advice Line is the UK's leading online price comparison and switching service dedicated to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Our online quotation engine has been designed to facilitate speedy but accurate commercial electricity and gas prices – all at the click of a button to allow you to search the market for the lowest prices from an extensive panel of suppliers and contract options.

Customers Love Us !

Say 'No' to cold calling on business energy

Unfortunately, business electricity and business gas customers in the UK are bombarded with unsolicited cold calls on a daily basis.

This unscrupulous approach does not offer the business energy customer an impartial view on the market and the price offered is more often 20-30% above the current retail price for electricity or gas.

At Energy Advice Line we strongly advise customers to not accept these offers and follow our simple steps to ensure that they are not locked into an uncompetitive contract.

Join our cold calling campaign here, and spread the word to say 'no' to cold calling on business energy!

Say No To Cold Calling on Business Energy