Key Facts

As consumer champions of the business energy market, we believe that everyone should be entitled to clear, trustworthy and impartial advice about their business utility bills.

Outlined below are the principles that Energy Advice Line stands for and what our customers can expect from us.

Energy Advice Line receives a payment from the energy supplier when our customer successfully switches. The projected introduction payment amount is clearly detailed on the contract paperwork but please ask your account manager if you require any further information.

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If you are unhappy with any service from Energy Advice Line please click here to view our complaints handling procedure.

Impartial Advice

We are totally independent and on your side, not the suppliers. We will search the business energy market on your behalf to establish which suppliers are prepared to offer you the best prices.

Comprehensive Supplier Panel

Any supplier offering competitive business energy rates will be included in our panel. Some of these rates may be the same as you'll find by going direct but we constantly challenge our supplier panel to give their most competitive rate at all times. View our Supplier Panel here.

Best Prices

We're committed to offering you the lowest price and will always present the best available deals for you, no matter what commission we are being offered by suppliers. If, on the rare occasion, better prices are available by going direct to the supplier, we will be happy to explain the pros and cons of choosing that option.

Total Transparency

We provide a free quotation service and only receive an introductory commission from suppliers once we have safely transferred you to them as a customer. Price transparency is key to earning the trust of our customers and, whilst we are unable to publish all our commission rates here, we're happy to let you know on a case-by-case basis, simply email us your Service Reference Number.

Help Switching

Whether it's checking your current contract status or helping you avoid unwanted/expensive renewals, our service is geared towards making sure every switch happens smoothly and successfully. Given the high number of switching attempts that fail because of suppliers raising objections - legitimate or otherwise - we are very proud of our near 100% contract 'live rate'. We will also be there for you throughout the term of the contract and, significantly, offer you a renewal reminder to ensure that you always have the freedom to choose the best available option at the end date.

OFGEM - Consumer Direct

The energy regulator, OFGEM, has published a list of key questions that it recommends you should ask business energy suppliers and brokers to improve your chances of a fair deal. Rest assured you shouldn't need to ask Energy Advice Line any of these questions but, if in doubt, please do. NB: OFGEM does not deal directly with any energy related enquiries or complaints itself, but refers calls to Consumer Direct (08454 04 05 06).

Our Supplier Panel

The Energy Advice Line is the UK's leading online price comparison and switching service dedicated to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Our online quotation engine has been designed to facilitate speedy but accurate commercial electricity and gas prices – all at the click of a button to allow you to search the market for the lowest prices from an extensive panel of suppliers and contract options.

Customers Love Us !

Say 'No' to cold calling on business energy

Unfortunately, business electricity and business gas customers in the UK are bombarded with unsolicited cold calls on a daily basis.

This unscrupulous approach does not offer the business energy customer an impartial view on the market and the price offered is more often 20-30% above the current retail price for electricity or gas.

At Energy Advice Line we strongly advise customers to not accept these offers and follow our simple steps to ensure that they are not locked into an uncompetitive contract.

Join our cold calling campaign here, and spread the word to say 'no' to cold calling on business energy!

Say No To Cold Calling on Business Energy