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Business Energy Quote Comparison
Business Energy Quote Comparison
Business Energy Quote Comparison
Business Energy Quote Comparison
Business Energy Quote Comparison
Business Energy Quote Comparison
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Business Energy Quote Comparison
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Get the cheapest business gas prices with Energy Advice Line

The Energy Advice Line is one of the UK’s leading price comparison and switching service for business gas. Established in 2006 and helping 1000’s of businesses every year compare the market for the lowest prices, Energy Advice Line are here to help you save money.

We continually campaign for a better deal for all energy users, including calling for a ban on cold calling, and changes to the regulations in order to make it easier for all consumers, both business and domestic, to switch their suppliers.

Our service is completely independent and absolutely free of charge. Businesses can quickly and simply search the market for the best available energy deals from an extensive panel of both small and large energy suppliers.

We compare the market with an extensive panel of suppliers to offer customers complete transparency

We are uniquely positioned by having terms with an extensive supplier panel and working closely with each one to get our customers the best possible prices on their energy contracts. We are, however, not aligned with any of the suppliers but work on behalf of our customers to get the best possible contract option in terms of price and duration.

Looking for the best available commercial gas prices in the market when your fixed-term contract expires is the easiest way to save your business money. Using a reputable price comparison service like the Energy Advice Line is more likely to help lower your bills than if you stay with the same supplier year after year. There is no doubt that it literally pays to shop around in order to stay in control of your company’s supply. It is also more important than ever in a climbing market to compare prices, as global energy prices continue to spiral upwards. Firms in energy-intensive sectors can save thousands of pounds each year by using an expert to find them the cheapest prices available.

We give you our best price first time!

At the Energy Advice Line we compare gas prices online quickly and efficiently by collecting your information along with your meter address postcode, our quote engine then proposes the best rates around for your business. Our best price first time policy guarantees that our customers get full price transparency and a service that they can always trust year on year.

Keep it simple and seamless – that’s why our customers come back year on year

Our business objective is to make the price comparison and switching process as simple, and as seamless, as possible. This means that while we do the legwork to ensure you get the best prices, you can get on with running your company. Our panel is made up of both large and small supply companies, and offers a wide range of choice.

This way you not only get the lowest prices on the market, but you will also be in the best position to benefit from our future deals.

A service designed exclusively for you!

We are the only service of this kind designed exclusively for companies, and our team of experts have extensive knowledge of commercial gas prices, as well as the available contracts. We will also help you through the switching process when you change suppliers. There will be no interruption to your supply as the changeover happens.

We will also help to ensure that you avoid getting stuck in an expensive rollover deal when your fixed-term contracts ends. Unless you give notice to your supplier and shop around for a better deal, the business energy prices you are paying now could increase significantly overnight. We pride ourselves on being a Consumer Champion, helping firms of all sizes find the cheapest prices on the business energy market.

Termination Notice

We have created a simple termination notice template for our customers

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Say NO to cold calling on Business Energy

Unfortunately, business electricity and gas customers in the UK are bombarded with cold calls on a daily basis. At Energy Advice Line we have started a campaign to say 'no' to business energy cold calling. Click here to find out more.


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