Business energy online: what needs to be done for a better future

The need

If one were to visit the website of the Environment Protection Agency of the United States of America, one would be able to see its direct, hard hitting mission statement to protect human health and the environment.

Obviously, given the self-serving nature of us humans we lend a hand to any fight that involves our skin. What we’ve suddenly realized is that the fight for our skins depends a whole lot more on the skins of everything around us; specifically, nature, that is providence supplied. As we, inch by ominous inch, move toward an apocalyptic ending, every person in the world is ready to take up this fight to save ourselves (a real life 2012, anyone?) and hence save the environment.

The current state of things

The leaders of the world have stepped up of late, to promote a harmonious relationship with our environment – whether it be in the beautifully put Laudato Si by Pope Francis (released on May 25th, 2015) or in the worldly, practical approach by the EPA and President Barack Obama –Clean Power Plan (released on 3rd of August, 2015) which has the capability to offer consistent distribution, accountability and also a justified level that reflects the energy mix of each state.

Whatever source one refers, it is far too obvious that a major part of energy consumption is used in the power sector. To say that this can be totally clamped down is impossible; we need the energy to live or we’d all have to be some kind of “Mad Max”. What can be done, however, and is not all that unambitious, is to meter the consumption of energy at every source and this is where we can play technology into our hands. With almost every energy company going gung-ho to help out, our homes are cost efficient and energy efficient too.

The same can’t be said of the power sector. Electric power generation consumes 40% of carbon emissions, as revealed by the Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions. While this is true for the US, other countries like India or China would certainly show higher percentage consumption.

The future (or the present?)

Any plan for climate control will only be augmented by bringing this energy – rather the business energy online consumption. Consider one compelling case; a business owner buys up a property that used a profile that required more energy. However, his business may not be one to use the same amount of energy. It would help to know the costs involved and to scale these costs up/down in a short time. A solution like, British Gas’s Business Energy Insight seems to be just the way to go for our business owner.

If this technology could be taken higher, higher into the Cloud maybe, the use of all those analytic minds and the tools they make out there would certainly be put to use to save our skins.
What is hoped is that with the availability of business energy online data, our energies will be better focused on saving the energies of this God given, beautiful world.

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