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Information on Ovo Energy

Based in Bristol, England, OVO Energy started in the energy industry in September 2012. It was established by Stephen Fitzpatrick, a British businessman, and the former Manor Racing team owner. The gas and electricity supplier trades their supply in several domestic properties in the United Kingdom.

Although it started just a few years ago, the company gained over 670,000 customers, making it as one of the smaller energy suppliers in the UK that competes with the Big Six.

Electricity Sources

The independent energy supplier sources from a number of generators. It’s 33% green electricity, (OVO Better Energy-previously 15% green) and 100% green electricity (Ovo Greener Energy) comes from various sources such as the wind farms in North Wales and Gloucestershire. Meanwhile, some of is electricity are produced from the landfill gas burning.

Gas Sources

OVO Energy’s gas comes in various sources such as the Norway, North Sea, and Continental Europe. It is then shipped as a liquefied natural gas (LNG) for easy transport.

Energy Plans

The independent gas and electricity supplier, which received the Energy Supplier of the Year award in 2017, has several energy plans to choose from. Each plan features transparent pricing and it comes without any hidden charges.

This plan suits customers who opt to submit and pay for their meter readings on a monthly basis.

The cheapest plan is Better Energy; it costs £83 a month with a fixed price for one year. The other plan is 2 Year Fixed; it costs £86 a month without any price increase for 24 months.

They also have Greener Energy; it costs £88 a month and it comes from 100% renewable electricity. OVO Energy will also plant 5 trees for every new plan-holder.

And last but not the least, the Simpler Energy plan; it costs £88 a month and it’s the most flexible plan with no exit fees required.

With OVO Energy, every plan-holder has an access to an online account. This helps them view their balance easily. It also submits meter readings through its online platform or the app.

Customers will also receive a 3% interest reward if they stay in credit and they can save for up to £120 a year. Moreover, each tariff is sourced from at least 33% renewable electricity.

Pay As You Go

For customers who just want to top up their credits instead of paying on a monthly basis, OVO Energy offers Smart PAYG+. It allows putting extra credit by the use of its app anytime, anywhere.

With this, the customer can easily manage their balance without relying on the meter. All they need to do is check on their balance to know until when it will last. It allows topping up the prepayment meter by going online, in a shop, or through its companion app. To avoid unexpected blackout, customers can set auto tops ups.

Smart Meters

As part of UK government’s energy plan, every home will have a smart meter for more convenience and accuracy. OVO Energy has already installed the new technology in over 100,000 homes.

Smart meters work almost the same as the regular electricity and gas meters. However, it is capable of sending the meter readings to the energy supplier automatically. The data sent are always accurate and updated and this means that customers will avoid receiving estimated bills.

The smart meter communicates to its owners, too. With this new technology, the customer can track the exact amount of their energy in pounds and pence, helping in reducing costs and energy consumption.

To get a smart meter, the customer can book online to check on its availability. Customers can also request for a callback to find out more about the installation.

Advantages Of Smart Meters

Smart meters are developed to find out how much energy is consumed and its costs. It can be one real time and the user can even look back and compare their energy consumptions from the last day, month, or even year. This means customers can set their energy plans, cut back on costs and energy usage, and save more money.

The tool also comes with an In-Home Display. This allows the customer to check on their energy consumption and other information. The smart meter also sends the necessary data to the energy supplier directly so customers don’t have to send the meter readings manually.

When it comes to billing statements, smart meter readings are accurate. This means that estimated billings are avoided and customers will only pay for what they use. Meanwhile,  Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers can pay for their energy easier. The companion app, OVO Energy app or My OVO, lets the user check and top up on their credit anytime and anywhere. Payment cards can be used to any PayPoint shop and this lets the smart meter top up automatically, therefore, there’s no need for the customer to go home and manually put the card in the meter.

Switching To OVO Energy

Creating an account with OVO takes only 5 minutes and 3 easy steps. The customer just needs to verify the address, choose a plan, and confirm the payment.

To start the switch, the customer can go online and answer few questions such as the postcode ( for quotation purposes), current payment method (pay monthly or pay-as-you-go), current fuel, the size of the property, and preferred account management (online or over the phone).


Queries And Complaints

For any Ovo Energy customer inquiries, they can either call or send an email to Meanwhile, for official complaints, customers may call 0800 5999 440 (pay monthly customers) or 0800 358 3523 (pay as you go customers).

Information and prices stated above are from research made in May 2017

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