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All you could need to know on iSupply

iSupply Energy, a gas and electricity supplier, was established in 2012. The energy supplier is a British-owned independent provider located in Bournemouth. For only five years, the company has become one of the quickest growing energy companies in the United Kingdom.

The energy supplier commits to giving low and straightforward prices, easy switching, and a great customer service. This means that they only give simple, honest pricing instead of the usual complex incentive programs. Best possible prices are always offered with the assurance that once the market prices decrease, so will their rates. Moreover, the new and innovative products they offer provide the customers enough choices on buying energy.

Moreover, they offer high-quality customer support through technologies to address their customer’s concerns and needs.

Payment Methods

For now, iSupply Energy offers two payments methods, Direct Debit and Pay As You Go Prepayment Meters. However, they will introduce new payment methods in the future.

Cheap Dual Fuel

iSupplyEnergy has the least expensive gas and electricity prices in the market and they guarantee to keep their eyes open to produce more competitive rates. For gas and electricity products, the energy supplier offers only two tariffs for each type.

The most popular ones are the iFix Gas and iFix Electricity. One benefit of purchasing these tariffs is that the price stays the same without any unexpected price increase or hidden charges. However, it comes with exit fees if the customer opts to leave the contract before the fixed term ends.

Meanwhile, their gas and electricity tariffs are variable, however, it does not have any exit fee. Choosing this tariff means the payment will be affected if the market decreases or increases. Nevertheless, a customer representative from the customer care team is ready to answer questions related to the energy supply.

Cheap Electricity Supply

iFix Electricity has been launched in 2012 and it is the cheapest and simplest transparent fixed term tariff offered. It provides the same price from the beginning up to the end of the tariff, which means that the customer will pay the same amount even if the market increases or decreases.

The tariff offers various benefits to its customers such as the guaranteed price on a fixed term basis. iSupply Energy also provides an online account that the customer can manage. This means that they have the access to their online account and opt for paperless billing. Moreover, they grant easy switching and the so customers can change to a new supplier quickly and easily.

The price is composed of the tariff rate and the fixed daily connection charge. For customers who are planning to leave prior to the end of the contract, a £30.00 fee applies.

Meanwhile, customers can also opt to iVariable, rates that are subject to change. Choosing this means paying for a price that is not fixed; the price may go up or down depending on the market. Nevertheless, customers are notified in case of any changes. The good thing about iVariable is that no exit or termination fee applies.

Cheap Gas Supply

iFix Gas was just launched in 2015 for additional competitive rates that customers can choose from. iFIx Gas offers the same low price from the beginning of the contract up to the end. This means that even if the price rises or descends, the customer will pay the same rate.

Applying for iFix Gas provides numerous benefits to the customers such as the guaranteed fixed rate despite the market’s movement. The customer also receives an online account wherein managing and viewing the bills can be done. The online account also provides paperless billing which helps reduce environmental waste. Moreover, switching from the current supplier to iSupplyEnergy is easy and quick.

iFix Gas rate is a combination of fixed unit rate and fixed daily connection charge. The tariff requires a £30 termination fee should the customer wish to leave the contract.

Meanwhile, the iVariable tariff is available as another option to those who are willing to pay rates that are not fixed. This means that the rate is affected by the increase and decrease of the market. Moreover, no termination fee is applied if the customer wishes to change tariff.

Prepayment Products

For customers who have budget certainties, prepayment products are the best options. Prepayments meters help in tracking the amount that they are spending for their energy consumption. It also helps in managing debts and budget.

The iPrepay Fixed has several key features such as Pay As You Go, online account, guaranteed price, and no meter readings submission. It also offers an emergency credit without a termination fee. iPrepay Variable almost has the same features, however, the prices are subject to change.

Additional Charges

Although some prices are fixed, additional charges may apply for several reasons such as failure to return of Direct Debit payments, invalid indemnity claims, accuracy check, producing a paper copy, moving a meter, and much more. Additional charges may start from £3.60 up to £100, depending on the case.

Cancellation Of Contract

A 14-day cool off period is given after completing the registration process. This is the time when the customer decides to stay or not on the contract, otherwise, the customer may leave without paying a termination fee. An email will be sent once the cool off period begins. Cancellation may be done in the customer’s online account or by calling the Customer Service Team on 0330 2020298.

However, if the customer wishes to cancel the contract after the cool off period, a £30 termination fee should be settled. To do this, the customer just needs to register to a new supplier. The new supplier will contact iSupplyEnergy about the switch and the iSupplyEnergy will reach the customer for verification through a message. The customer may reply if the switch is NOT valid, or ignore the message if it is confirmed.

Customer Complaints

Complaints happen all the time but iSupply Energy ensures to handle every complaint seriously. In fact, the energy supplier has their own complaints procedure for efficient solutions. The customer who has a concern over their products and services should follow the procedure to be assisted properly.

Prices and Information stated above were sourced in May 2017

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