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The facts about Gazprom Energy

Gazprom Energy is the leading energy supplier to businesses in the United Kingdom. It has received various awards for supplying gas and electricity to small and medium businesses and even large enterprises.

The energy supplier is proud of its excellence; with its high quality of customer service and winning products that serve to numerous public and private organizations in the UK. They provide value for their customer’s money and outstanding customer support.

Gazprom Energy puts effort on making their products simple and clear. They provide tailored business solutions that would suit every business needs while letting the user manage their energy consumption easier at the same time. The company also brags about the guidance and resources they offer to help corporate and large enterprise with their energy decisions.

The energy supplier is unique in many ways and one of which is that they offer numerous complimentary services such as carbon management, trading, and power purchase agreements. These services are backed up by the wider Gazprom group.

Gazprom Energy’s humble beginnings started in England as a small, independent gas supplier which has grown into one of the major business energy suppliers in the UK. It was founded in 2006 after its parent company, Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T), obtained a smaller gas provider in England. As of now, the company has expanded into other parts such as France, Netherlands, and Ireland.

Small And Medium Businesses

Since 2006, Gazprom Energy has been helping thousands of businesses all over the UK, therefore, it’s been proven that the company has shaped its products according to the business’ needs. Currently, it offers simple fixed rates and helpful services.

The energy supplier understands that small and medium businesses have no time for complicated contracts; therefore, they provide simple fixed-rate electricity and gas contracts. Apart from the tailored prices, Gazprom Energy provides dedicated customers based in the UK.

Furthermore, they offer five steps simple switching services to their small and medium business customers. Businesses can take advantage of their competitive rates by going online.

Large & Corporate Business

Flexible purchasing contracts are offered to various organizations such as public sectors, manufacturing services, or businesses with multiple sites in several locations. The tariffs are specially tailored according to the large business’ needs.

Gazprom Energy offers assistance from switching energy to taking over carbon emissions. They also give corporate customer services to maximize their energy strategy. The flexible energy contracts they offer for larger business are backed up by the regular market updates so customers can check on the wholesale prices. This is beneficial because they can have more control over their purchasing decisions on energy.

Customers are guaranteed to receive accurate billing, reliable supply, and fair prices. Moreover, they are supported by the company’s Corporate Accounts team who are readily available in providing assistance and professional advice on their corporate energy contracts and supply.

The assistance from Gazprom Energy account manager will help every business plan and manage their energy and cost more efficiently.


Gazprom Energy does not only recognize their consumers’ needs but also the importance of every energy brokers and consultants. They believe that their contributions are significant to the energy market that’s why they are willing to work with the experienced energy brokers provided that they, too, are sharing the same values they have when it comes to their customers.

With this, the energy supplier has developed several criteria that brokers and consultant need to comply with. To become a Gazprom Energy broker, the broker needs to fill in a short form that would be used to assess whether they are eligible or not.

Working with Gazprom Energy is beneficial for brokers since they will have the exclusive access to the Broker Quote system. This allows easy generation of quotes and contracts, as well as to save, retrieve, and view quotes and contracts to the broker’s clients in a single location.

Automated Meter Readings

Also known as AMR, this tool is hailed as one of the best solutions when it comes to monitoring the energy consumption of a business. However, the eligibility of this solution depends on the energy consumption of the business.

Basically, this is best for small businesses that want to understand and monitor the amount of their energy consumption. This accurately reads their meter which reduces estimated bills. Having this device means that your business will only pay for the electricity and the gas actually used. Data gathered can also be accessed via AMR, making the device useful when it comes to monitoring the energy used.

AMR is advantageous when it comes to cost savings because by having the access to closely monitor the exact energy used, the business can reduce their waste and costs. It also provides accurate billing as it reflects the actual energy consumed instead of the estimated one. The tool also provides convenience; submitting the meter reading can be done remotely.

Moreover, the AMR allows efficiency and control over their energy. This helps the business in planning energy efficiency.

Switching To Gazprom Energy

The company only requires 5 easy steps for the new consumers in switching to Gazprom Energy. This means that the business can move from their current supplier to a new business energy contract quickly and easily.

To begin with, the business needs to get in contact with Energy Advice Line on 0800 915 1800 or visit their application for a business energy quote online. The energy quote, which is free and can be received within 60 seconds, is used to know the amount of the electricity and the gas. Afterward, a registration form needs to be completed after accepting the presented energy quote.

Once the registration form is returned, Energy Advice Line deal with everything so there’s no conflict with the current supplier for you to deal with and Gazprom Energy would become your supplier.

Next, the business owner/representative should notify the current supplier about the termination of the current energy contract. This will also give way to the current supplier and the business to finish any necessary exit requirements.

A welcome pack will be sent after the successful switch to Gazprom Energy. This contains all the necessary information, account number, and other beneficial contacts that the new customer may need in the future. Finally, the customer should send an updated meter reading as soon as the switch is done. This is necessary to know if there will be any problems with the invoice and its accuracy.

Information stated above from research in May 2017

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