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All the need to knows about Ecotricity

Established in April 1996, Ecotricity is an England-based energy supplier that sells green energy to its consumers. It was founded in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, sourcing energy from windmills. The company’s principle is to build more green energy generation.

Dale Vince started Ecotricity in 1995 when he used one wind turbine to power an old army truck. This motivated him to create a wind-monitoring device for commercial use. The company still do this practice under the name Nexgen.

In the coming years, the company has started production using a 40-metre turbine, making it the largest generation in the UK during that time.

Because of its dedication to green energy, Ecotricity became the world’s first Green Electricity company, starting the global Green Electricity movement.

Green Energy

Ecotricity’s green energy comes from renewable sources. It’s green electricity is sourced from the Sea, the Sun, and the Wind while its green gas is sourced from organic materials. The company believes that it makes the country, Great Britain, an independent one which creates more green jobs its citizen and industry.

Green Electricity

Ecotricity’s electricity supply comes from the “Mills”, the generators that they have specifically designed and built. The supply was sourced from different elements such as the Sea, the Wind, and the Sun.

Green Gas

Instead of burning a fossil fuel, the company believes in using “better and greener ways”, such as using grass. Ecotricity has numbers of Green Gasmills that is under the planning process. Recently, it received a consent allowing them to create their first mill at Sparsholt College in Hampshire. Soon, the energy supplier will produce 100% green gas and provide a fracking alternative.

Ecotricity At Home

Homes in Britain will benefit from using Ecotricity as their energy supplier. First, it boasts on being the greenest energy company in the country, and consumers who switch to this supply has done a green job as well. Next, it provides the best customer service. Ecotricity provides a reliable, straightforward relationship to its customers. And finally, it gives ethical pricing which follows the ‘one for all and all for one’ proposition. This means that they only provide one tariff for their gas and electricity. Their pricing policy also suggests that each customer, new and the old ones, will have the latest best price. Moreover, they have no penalties, not exit fees.

Customers can go online and for their prices by providing their postcodes.

Pay As You Go

This feature allows the customer to manage and control their energy consumption and bills. It has no exit fees and as far as the records began, Ecotricity has the lowest number of complaints. Customers may call 0800 999 4600 to know more about their prices or they can download the tariff sheet online.

Energy Saver Plan

Customers have another option to save more of their money. Originally known as the Sun Edison product, Ecotricity helps more and more people to make their own energy at home by utilizing solar panels.

Therefore, customers who availed the Energy Saver Plan can save up to 15% of their energy expenses while creating their own clean and green energy at the same time. However, the plan is not open currently to new consumers as Ecotricity is just taking control of the SunEdison’s customer’s portfolio.

Ecotricity For Businesses

The green energy provider has created a number of options for the business, regardless of its size, to choose from. Choosing Ecotricity as the energy supplier will benefit the business in many ways. First, it is not only advantageous to the environment but to the business itself as well. By using the money from the energy bills, customers can produce new sources of energy. The company also provides ethical partnership properties to its business consumers. Moreover, Ecotricity helps the business to take a step for the environment.

Small and large businesses benefit from Ecotricity and one of which is that they are assisted by the professional team of business account manager.

They also offer a single tariff without any contract renewals. Customers can also avail their Green Gas product for a greener business.

Ecotricity For The Road

Even roads can take part in the green movement with Ecotricity’s car charging stations built in the UK. Britain’s electric vehicles that travel on the Electric Highway are emission free.

For five years, the green energy supplier has provided a charging in the Electric Highway without any costs. Meanwhile, drivers of the electric vehicle can fastly charge by downloading the Electric Highway car charging app.

Online Account

Ecotricity customers can take advantage of an online account by registering on their website. The online account is beneficial as it helps in viewing and submitting a meter reading and pay in case the customer has not opted for Direct Debit. The account can be managed on a desktop or a smart device.

Paying The Bill

Customers have two options when settling their bills: online or Direct Debit.

By paying online, the customer may use a credit or debit card on a desktop or mobile device. They may also call 0345 555 7 200 for payment purposes.

They may also pay by Direct Debit. This option allows them to spread the energy expenses for over a year through fixed monthly installments or by paying the energy consumed every month. Direct Debit users may pay on a monthly basis or, they can do regular payments on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

For business accounts, only Direct Debit payment are accepted and business owners may pay only for the energy consumed or on fixed monthly installments.

Meanwhile, Direct Debit Guarantee is applicable for both home and business use.

The billing statement will appear every quarter, however, customers may read their meters every six months.

Sending Meter Readings

It is recommended to send the meter readings regularly or every time the bill is due. This lets the energy supplier, Ecotricity provide the necessary attention to it. For customers at home, submitting the meter readings can be done by using a desktop or an iOS or Android device.

Information stated above from research in May 2017

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