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Corona Energy, the leading independent energy supplier in the United Kingdom, is based in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. The company is consisting of over 200 employees who deliver value, simplicity, and quality. They are responsible for providing industrial and commercial gas market to over 10,000 consumers. Their approach helps customers save not only their money but also their time and energy.

Choosing Corona Energy

While there are abundant of energy suppliers in the UK, Corona Energy sees to it that they excel in many ways. Customers who choose them among others receive numerous benefits on their part. First, the company takes pride in giving accurate information, may it be written or verbally, to their customers.

Reaching Corona Energy is easy; customers can call or send them a message for inquiries and the company guarantees to send a reply. They also notify the consumers of any changes. In addition, consumers are assured to receive accurate monthly invoices. Moreover, the company is ready to provide product advice to help consumers take charge of their energy consumption.

Awards And Accreditations

As a recognized brand in the United Kingdom, Corona Energy has received numerous awards that would testify to their greatness. Here are some of their awards and accreditations:

  • Charitable Business Audentior Award 2016
  • FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards
  • Investors in People Gold
  • Business Excellence Awards

Their excellence has allowed to them to work with some of the most known brands worldwide such as House of Fraser, Haringey Council, Glenfarclas, and Derbyshire County Council.

Commercial Gas And Electricity Products

With over 20 years of experience, Corona Energy has become one of the most trusted energy suppliers in the UK. The company has supplied gas, electricity, and energy saving solutions to industrial, commercial, and public sector organizations.

The supplies they deliver cover all kinds and sizes of businesses, from small cafes to the biggest multi-site organizations.

Gas Supply Solutions

For businesses that have budget certainty, Corona Energy offers fixed price gas supply contract for up to 36 months. This tariff is suitable to those who want to pay the same amount for the duration of the contract, allowing the business to save more. Meanwhile, a business can opt for their flexible agreements, which, can also save money provided that the wholesale market prices are pleasing. However, the prices can increase or decrease depending on the market. Renewable gas options are also offered for businesses that are conscious of the environment. The company gives 100% green gas which is generated from solar, biomass, wind and small hydroelectric sources. This is an eco-friendly product because it has zero carbon footprint, leaving no toxic greenhouse gasses.

Meanwhile, Corona Energy also provides Automated Meter Readings or AMR. This gives better monitoring and measurement to the user. With this, customers can monitor their gas usage more accurately, giving precise billings instead of estimated ones. This cost-efficient device lets customers pay for what they only use.

It works by connecting it to the customer’s gas meter to the AMR which will record the gas’ volume that will pass through the meter.

Commercial Electricity Services

Corona Energy offers various ranges of plans that would suit any businesses’ types and sizes, as well as their payment options. The billing can either be fixed or flexible; depending on the customer’s need.

The company supplier supplies combined energy from sources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable, and other fuels.

Switching From Another Energy Supplier

Switching to Corona Energy is hassle-free and simple when you use a known and trust energy comparison site like EnergyAdviceLine. Requirements will be discussed over the phone and if the client meets the company’s needs, then they will be provided with a contract. The supply will be transferred quickly and smoothly despite the portfolio complexity or site challenges. Finally, a team of experts will happily support the new customer, providing the accurate invoices monthly and other services.

More Savings With Corona Energy

Aside from the AMR, Corona Energy customers can also take advantage of the online reporting tool they have, myEnergy. This lets the customers view and manage their energy usage regularly to check whether they are using what they are expecting or not. The tool is easy to use and it only needs a few clicks of a button.

Savings can also be maximized with Corona Energy’s LED Lighting. With this, the customer can lessen the costs of their lightings up to 80% by using LED lighting and controls solution without any upfront fee.

Meanwhile, savings from a boiler’s efficiency is possible with Corona Energy. Their “intelligent load controller” senses and controls the boiler when it is “dry cycling” – the term used when the boiler heats the water inside even if it’s not needed. Therefore, the user lessens the use of wasteful gas and can save up to 25% on gas usage. Moreover, it compensates itself for two years.

In addition, businesses that aim to reduce energy consumption and save more can benefit from their “Guaranteed Savings Programme.” This program will start by reviewing the consumption data to be completed with a site visit. This will be used for assessment so their team of experts can recommend steps that you should execute. This will vary from simple changes up to major alterations which can be funded by Corona Energy’s Asset Finance scheme.

Businesses can also take advantage of their consultancy services and benefit from numerous solutions. This includes the access to surveyors and engineers who can assist with energy audits, CRC annual statements, and manage capital movements. Moreover, they can provide advice that can help the business.

Moreover, organizations that consume a higher amount of electricity can benefit from Corona Energy’s profile solutions that can help save and reduce costs.

Energy Supply Connection

The installation of new supplies or replacement of meters is made possible with Sitework. Businesses can ask assistance with their project from the trusted UK-wide engineering people. The company’s third-party supplier and Corona Energy will assist the customer from the designing to planning up to the success of the project.

Information stated above from research in May 2017

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