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Save Energy and Save on Energy Rates

Consume less energy and save it for future generations. We’re always hearing we should, but how? Here are three simple steps that we can take individually to consume less energy — and if we do that, we save it for future generations… and we are saving money. Take these simple steps and start saving today.

Turn off lights — by far the easiest way to save electricity and save money. Turning off lights as you leave the room alone saves you a lot on your electric bill.

Unplug unused electronics — this is the electricity waster that many people do not even know exists. Many of today’s appliances, both large and small, and electronic devices in our homes draw a small amount of power even when switched off. This “phantom power” drain comes from VCRs, televisions, satellite and cable boxes, DVRs, stereos, computers, printers, kitchen appliances, clocks and clock radios, cell phone and portable music player chargers, laptop chargers. Almost anything plugged into wall power. This is especially true if the device has a remote control; the circuitry that responds to the remote must always be on — and drawing power – or the remote will not work. As much as three-quarters of the electricity used to power many of these devices goes through them while switched off.

Switch to energy saving bulbs — by switching to energy saving bulbs technology from traditional incandescent type lamps, you can save energy and save money on your energy bills. Using today’s new energy saving bulbs technologies: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), and Light Emitting Diode Lamps (LED or L.E.D.), you can save as much as 80% on the energy you use to light your home — and less energy used is less money out of your pocket plus it reduces the resources needed to create that power.

The important thing is always to think about ways to consume less energy. Switch off or unplug anything you’re not using. You’ll save a great deal of energy, reduce your utility bill, reduce resources used to create the power, and save it for future generations of people on our planet. Even if you create the power with your own wind and solar generators, if you use less, you will have more for other things — and for future generations.

Methods for Saving Electricity

Saving Electricity take into account a wide range of information, including facts like how electricity companies charge you, a discussion of electricity myths. There’s no power gush when you turn on a light. Turning the light off at all times helps to save electricity, even if it’s for just a second.

Saving of electricity and knowing energy rates by adopting measures like insulating/weather-stripping of home and buying electricity Star certified (high efficiency) appliances, is usually found to be the smartest, most cost-effective and most persuasive environmental action that can be taken.

Whenever you save electricity, not only money is saved, also it helps to reduce the demand for remnant fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Restrictive use of fossil fuels implies lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which happens to be the major contributor to global warming, and other pollutants. There is now an electricity saving substitute for mostly all kinds of domestic device or light fixture. This means that customers have a real choice and the authority to change their power use on an avant-garde scale.

The standard American generates about 40,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year. By following even a few of the following steps, saving electricity can become a real easy task.

Improvements at home

Considering some of the measures for saving of electricity saves money in the long run. To save electricity, insulate the walls and ceilings of your office and home. As it will save around 30 to 40 percent of home heating bills and decrease the CO2 emissions per year.

Domestic appliances/devices

For saving electricity, turn down your refrigerator, as they count for 25% of domestic electricity utilized. And make sure to turn on the energy saver switch. Avoid using hot water settings for clothes washer but utilize the warm or cold water setting as it will help in electricity saving. While running dishwasher make sure it is full and also use the energy saving setting.

Always choose the electricity efficient devices while replacing the old appliances. Look for the Energy Star Label which guarantees that the product saves energy and prevents pollution. Purchase the product sized to your requirements- and not the biggest one available.

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