Energy Advice Line launches simplest price comparison service on the market

The Energy Advice Line has launched the simplest price comparison service on the market, making it easier than ever for business energy customers to switch suppliers and save money.

Julian Morgan, managing director of the UK’s leading price comparison and switching service, said the changes were aimed at enabling businesses to find the best energy deals instantly so they can get on with running their organisations.

“We now offer the easiest and simplest way to compare prices and switch, which is a huge boom for businesses,” Mr Morgan said.

“It’s officially recognized that businesses, along with domestic energy users, need to regularly check the market to ensure they are paying the lowest possible prices and switch suppliers accordingly, yet so many organisations fail to do this.

“Many simply put their energy bills into too-hard basket because so many price comparison services are slow and clumsy. Business owners are too busy running their organisations to waste time.

“Our new service really does help them out, making it possible to check prices and get the best quotes almost instantly. They don’t even need to have their bill in front of them.”

Mr Morgan said the changes to the quotation form had generated more than 200 positive testimonials on consumer review website Trustpilot.

In addition, he revealed that 97% of businesses that used the service identified savings and switched supplier immediately, thereby making instant savings.

Energy Advice Line – helping you make the right choice

“Many businesses are also surprised to discover that as well as making offering the cheapest rates on the market, we also offer a complimentary contract management service to guide customers through the process of switching supplier,” Mr Morgan said.

“This means that our team of business energy ‘gurus’ do all the legwork when it comes to the actual switching process and we help out with any problems that might arise during the duration of an energy contract.

“Whether it’s a problem with billing, or a simple reminder when a fixed contract ends, our service is a huge asset for canny businesses that know they need to take control of their energy bills.

“And because suppliers are constantly changing and updating their products, consumers need to check regularly to make sure they are still on the best deal.

“We’re very proud to be able to help thousands of customers each year to do this and save money in the process.”

The Energy Advice Line is the UK’s leading impartial comparison, switching and advice service for businesses and householders. It actively campaigns for reform of the UK’s energy market to boost competition, get consumers a better deal from suppliers and lower energy prices.

The Energy Advice Line’s price comparison and switching service is free and completely impartial. Consumers can obtain energy quotes with a few computer strokes based on a diverse panel of energy suppliers including the major players and smaller independent utility companies.

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