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What to Know about Business Electricity Pricing

If you have never signed up for a business electricity contract because you are just starting your business or you are just taking over the business from someone else, then you may not realize that there are a lot of different factors that going to the pricing for business electricity.

The prices are based on different factors, and certain kinds of businesses pay more for electricity from the same supplier than other businesses do from that supplier. The cost is based on how big your business is and where you are located. Of course, the prices change depending on which provider you choose as well.

That’s why you really need to compare those rates and make sure you get the best one. The opportunity to save money is definitely there, but you have to know who is offering the best prices on business electricity. That’s going to take an in-depth study of the various prices. Note that the prices can change often, so it’s a good idea to keep checking on them and seeing what they are at before you make your decision. That company you thought had good rates a few months ago may have changed their prices since the last time you looked, and there may be a better deal out there waiting for you.

How Rates Are Determined

Let’s look now at what a business electricity rate is made up of. There are two distinct parts to any business rates for electricity. There are the business electricity prices per kWh (KiloWatt Hour) and the standing charge.

That per kWh charge is the per unit cost. You are charged a flat rate per unit based on how large your business is. As you might imagine, the larger your business is, the more you will pay for the per unit charge. Now, there is a cap to how much you can pay per unit. In fact, most business electricity suppliers will split their pricing up into three different tiers. The small businesses pay one price, the mid-sized businesses pay another higher price and the large businesses pay the highest price. Those three rates are going to differ from one company to another, so be aware of that and take the time to compare the rates between them as much as possible. The more rates you find out about, the better your chances will be of getting a great deal on business electricity.

The standing charge is based on how much it costs to get power to you. If you live near the supply company, then it doesn’t cost much to give you electricity. If you live outside of the city they operate in, however, then they have to consider their infrastructure and the cost of getting electricity to you. Your rates will go up on the standing charge the farther away you are from the supplier. There are other factors that can contribute to standing charge costs as well, but they all have to do with how difficult it is to get that power to your business.  If you move your business to a new location but keep the same supplier, your rates could change, and that’s something to take into account. The price difference between your old and new locations can add up to great savings or a heavy loss over time.

Making the Best Pricing Decision

You may already be locked into a business electricity contract but have found some lower business electricity prices per kWh. There are bound to be better rates than yours if you have been in a contract for a year or two. No matter how hard you looked for the best rates, there will always be newer, lower ones available somewhere. What you may not realise, however, is that you can sometimes get rid of your current contract and change it in for a fresh, new one. If you can do this use a business electricity price comparison broker as they can see the latest rate releases and can explain any complicated contracts.

It won’t be easy and simple, nor will it be free to do so, but it could save you money in the long run. Just tell your supplier you want to cancel your contract. You will probably have to pay some fees in order to get out of it, but then you have the ability to freely sign up for a new contract. If their new terms and rates are much better than what you had, then you have made the smart choice. Then it’s up to you to keep an eye on the lowest business electricity prices per kWh and ensure you stick with whatever the best deal is.

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