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Reduce Electric Bills During The Christmas Season

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year not only because it is one festive season but also it is the time when the energy prices are extremely high. For some obvious reasons, households are using more appliances and equipment such as Christmas lights, boilers, and heating system. As a result, the electric price is tremendously higher than the regular days.
In addition, most working premises are closed and many people spend their holiday leaves inside their homes. Therefore, the demand for electricity is affected and energy prices during the Christmas days are the highest.

Looking Back On Last Year’s Christmas Energy Bills

In November 2016, the Big Six suppliers namely British Gas, E.ON UK, EDF Energy, ScottishPower, SSE, and NPower announced a “tsunami of price rises.” Apparently, it is because of the increase in the cost of wholesale gas and electricity. Meanwhile, the growing pressure to choose green energy rather than fossil fuels contributes to the increase in energy expenses.
While most of the Big Six have remained silent about the price hike, ScottishPower and E.ON UK said that they are reviewing their prices as well as the energy market.

How To Save Energy During The Holidays

Although there are uncontrollable factors that affect the energy prices during the festive seasons, there are numerous ways on how to save money and energy during the holidays.
1. Choose LED Christmas Lights
Contrary to what most people believe, the LED Christmas lights are cheap and may cost around £9.99. It uses 90% less electricity than the regular ones, making it the most efficient and most economical choice for your homes.
2. Be Mindful Of Your Electricity Prices
Compare your prices before Christmas season to find out how much you’ve have consumed after the holidays. This will not only let you stay on track but also it will serve as a guide on your next holidays.
3. Choose Fibre Optic Trees
Fibre optic trees are not only trendy but also, these decorations are energy efficient. Most of the time, the décor uses one light bulb at the end of its unit, thus, reducing the energy cost while being stylish at the same time.
4. Set Proper Time For The Lights To Be Used
Make it a habit of turning the Christmas lights on when it’s already dark and switch them off before going to bed. Setting a timer for about six hours or less is a good way to remind you when to turn on and switch off the light.
5. Turn The Other Lights
The lights on your Christmas tree is enough to light the area, therefore, you can turn the other lights off to reduce energy consumption and costs.
6. Use Candles For Decoration
Candles are not only beautiful but also it lights your place without consuming energy. However, be sure to safely place it in your home. Usually, it looks nice on your walkway as it helps your place achieve a stunning holiday glow without adding to the electric expenses.
7. Turn The Heater Off When You Have Guests
A thermostat or a heater is used to warm up the place and having a number of guests work the same. The heat from the body of different people is enough to keep the chill away.
8. Invest In A Good Charger And Rechargeable Batteries
In case you buy a gift that uses batteries, make sure to purchase rechargeable ones. The recent developments have made rechargeable batteries work more efficiently than before.
9. Use Energy-Efficient Products
Energy-efficient products cost a little higher than the regular ones, however, it consumes less energy. This is helpful especially during the season when more than one appliance is in use.

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