Compare Commercial Electricity Prices as Economy Improves

Signs that the UK economy is on the mend should not deter commercial electricity customers from remaining vigilant about their overheads and reports of improving business confidence represented an opportunity to seek out competitive utility deals.

Recent reports that confidence is improving in the business sector as the economy becomes more buoyant is news that UK businesses have been waiting to hear but rather than relax the reigns on spending, this is the ideal time for small and medium-sized firms to engage reaction with renewed vigor and see what deals are available. When the economy was at its peak in 2007-2008, just before banking crisis, switching trends were at their highest and this could be down to confident buoyancy. With signs of improvement, now could be best time to get a competitive commercial electricity deal.

Currently, as reported by OFGEM recently, figures showed less than 20% of domestic energy consumers bother to shop around for the best electricity and gas deals, and switch suppliers.

Switching supplier is the easiest and cheapest way of reducing energy bills…

They said the figure was “appalling”, given that switching utility companies was recognized as the easiest and cheapest way for consumers to reduce their energy bills.

For a wide range of reasons, many customers seem to be put off engaging with the market and appear to put their utility supplies into the ‘too-hard’ basket. Neither householders nor business owners can afford to be apathetic when it comes to energy because it now such a significant overhead.

Just because the economy is showing signs of improvement doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be frugal with energy spends

Customers need to push forward and take control of their costs…

With signs of renewed economic confidence emerging, customers need to push forward and take control of their costs, and this applies particularly for businesses.

It is significantly easier for a business to reduce its overheads than win new customers, and the effect on the bottom line can be felt almost immediately.

Customer saves £2,000…

An Energy Advice Line customer, who placed a review on consumer review site Trustpilot, has saved £2,000 on his company’s £5,000 annual energy bill, a saving of 40%. Other customers have attested to how simple the whole process was to obtain competitive energy quotes and switch supplier.

One Energy Advice Line customer said “A totally stress free process, with no pressure selling and we will save an impressive £1k per year!”, while another stated “Exceptionally Quick Service from a team that made the process easy because they care!”.

Some key economic indicators have recently suggested that the UK might at last be emerging from recession, with one report suggesting that optimism was at its highest point since May 2012.

Economic output stands at a 13-month high, driven by strong growth in the manufacturing sector. Further research by Lloyds has found a “brightening economic picture”, with increases in business activity across all English regions in June producing the strongest growth across the country as a whole since January 2012.

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