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Comparison Of Commercial Electricity In The Energy Market

Long ago, there were only six energy companies existing to cater the gas and electric supply needs of the business consumers. But now, there are over 60 commercial energy suppliers in the UK and this includes the so-called “Big Six” and the small, independent suppliers.

Who Are The Big Six?

Known as the largest energy providers in the United Kingdom, the Big Six supply electricity and gas to more than 50 million residential and commercial establishments in the Britain. It is composed of British Gas, SSE, EDF Energy, ScottishPower, E.ON UK, and NPower and they dominate the 90% of the energy market.

Businesses from sole traders to larger multi-companies can benefit from their national coverage and various tariffs. However, today’s energy market is bigger and the competition is becoming healthier, therefore, customers can choose from a wide range of energy suppliers aside from the Big Six.

However, the customer should conduct a comparison of commercial electricity prices before switching to a new one.

Why Business Customers Switch Energy Supplier?

There are several factors that affect the loyalty of the energy customer, however, the customer service is the most overlooked of them all. Obviously, a poor customer service can drive customers away in hope of finding a better one.

On the other hand, a business customer looks for another supplier when the energy price is too high. While the gas and electric prices increase from time to time, there will be instances when it becomes too much. As a result, the commercial user will go for an energy provider that offers a valuable deal.

Another reason is due to the frequent power disruption. If your current energy supply is always unstable, there’s no point staying with it for a long time.

Other Energy Supplier Options

Aside from the Big Six, there are renewable business energy suppliers and independent energy providers to choose from. These suppliers, although smaller and new, have services and products that are at par with the larger energy companies. In fact, most of them even offer lower energy prices.

Renewable business energy suppliers are best for business customers who are dedicated to utilising green energy for powering the entire business. In addition, these businesses are eco-friendly, therefore, the business does not only help itself through savings but also the environment.

Here are some of the renewable energy suppliers:

Bulb – The small energy supplier offers a 100% of renewable power and 1% of renewable gas. They don’t provide any contract or exit fees.
Dong Energy – Customers are free to choose from their fixed price contracts to flexible tariffs. The company is known as one of the leading offshore wind.
Ecotricity – The energy supplier has a hundred percent green tariff specially made for small and medium enterprises. Currently, it supplies electricity to over 10,000 businesses.
Total Gas & Power – The world-renown company supplies dual fuel and provides 100% renewable energy plans.
Vayu Energy – The energy company offers an electric tracker product while supplying gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland.

Meanwhile, there are also small and independent suppliers that closely compete with the Big Six. Here are some of them:

Avanti Gas – The gas company offers solutions to various types of businesses. It only supplies Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).
Axis Energy – The electric and gas company offers fixed price contracts.
BES Utilities – The electric and gas provider, which is based in the United Kingdom, provides free smart meters to its customers.
Corona Energy – The electric and gas supplier only supplies to businesses. Currently, it has over 8,000 commercial and industrial gas consumers.
Yü Energy– The business-only gas and electricity supplier offers a 12-month contract to its consumers. It provides personal account managers to its business customers.

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