Save energy significantly, save more

Energy efficiency has been referred to as being able to do more by using as less energy as possible. This does not only benefit you or your business; it also proves advantageous for your country and the world as a whole. Energy efficiency has known to enhance the quality of life and is healthy for the environment; it also improves the economy and saves you money.

Running a business can be a very hectic task. Keeping the costs low can be an even bigger endeavor. To achieve profits in the long run, it is essential that a business keeps its costs under a strict check and close scrutiny is required. One of the main reasons for a business to be successful is if the business saves energy. Unjustifiable business practices can cost hundreds of dollars in lost revenue, which in return lowers the profit rates each year.

For a small business, it is easy to be energy-conscious and at the same time save money. A business can save hundreds, if not necessarily thousands of dollars per year just by following a few energy saving tips.

An essential element to be controlled can be the heating and cooling systems in a business building; whether it is small or big. Air-conditioning can make up to 30% of energy consumption when in use. Installing smart meters and setting temperature controls to match the season and weather conditions, installing a programmable thermostat or adjusting it when there is a major change in weather can help a business save energy.

A business saves energy by saving on lighting costs, which makes up for 40% of all the energy used in a business building. Keeping a few essentials in check can help you save big. Switching off the lights when not in use and replacing old bulbs with up to date types can be a starter. In the past, incandescent bulbs were used which have now been replaced with more efficient Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s), Light-emitting diodes (LED’s) and Halogens. Fitting light sensors, adjusting the right amount of light required and having smart meters installed to send half-hourly readings, helps the business save energy bills too.

All businesses are different and it can sometimes be difficult to assess which area can be amended or worked on to help save energy. Training the staff for energy conservation business practices can be an important step. Switching off computers and laptops when not in use as well as at the end of the day should be compulsory and checking that any equipment is not left on standby as it contributes in wasting energy. By buying equipment which is specifically A-rated energy efficient, it immensely helps the business save energy.

Although all these practices described can be labeled as minor day-to-day tasks, combined as a whole, they help in cutting down the costs for a business in the long run and essentially improve the profit rates for a company and help it thrive and flourish in this fast moving industrial world.

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