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Facts on Business Electricity Big Six

As we all know the Business Electricity Big Six is Britain’s largest energy supplier. They provide gas and electricity to more than 50 million homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. They have been around since 1990 and considered to be the oldest energy companies in the UK. They have been created through privatisation sector.
They have created suppliers in the market that would help consumers on their needs. Here are the Big Six Energy Suppliers that are now still providing amazing help to the people of UK.

British Gas

This is the leading Big Six supplier in the UK. This is actually owned by a parent company named Centrica. They supply for over 15 million homes in the UK since then.


This is the company in the UK where creating combined heat and power energy supply. They are actually the largest company that owned utility service. They are serving over 26 million customers since then.

EDF Energy

They are the largest producer of energy in the United Kingdom. They are actually a French state-owned company. They supplied over 5.6 million homes in the United Kingdom.


NPower is owned by a Germany company RWE. They are previously known as Innogy. They supplied gas and electricity to over 6.5 million homes in the United Kingdom.


This has been owned since then by a parent company called Iberdrola. They are actually one of the smaller companies of the Big Six energy companies. They serve over 5.3 million homes in the United Kingdom.


This trade is under various names including SSE, SWALEC and Scottish Hydro. This actually depends on their region. They are the second largest companies of the Big Six. They supply to over 9.1 million homes in the United Kingdom.

All these companies are supplying energy and electricity throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, Eire has its own arrangements and certain regulated market.
These suppliers are actually using different kinds of mixtures of primary fuel resources in order to supply the needs of every home and business. The mixture differs from one supplier to another. They don’t have the same mixture so as to be sure that they will provide the right kind of supply of electricity and gas to every home and business in the United Kingdom. They actually use different kinds of consumption and usages of coal, nuclear, natural gas and renewable sources.

Does the supplier of electricity and gas make a significant change to our needs?
If you are having troubles with your supplier then now is the time to search for the best one that will help make the power and gas supply in your home more convenient and budget friendly. Now that you have learned the companies under the Big Six you have more options to take that will suit your needs and budget perfectly. You can find out more about the Business Electricity Big Six online and how they could provide you with amazing electricity and gas assistance.

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