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Cheap Rates Offered by the Supplier to Pass Savings On

Most people are devastated when their electric bills arrive especially since electric and gas prices increase from time to time. While most of its causes — such as the rate of the wholesale energy price, fuel costs, infrastructure, and etc., are uncontrollable, there will be times when the customer feels that they’ve had enough. As an option, they might consider switching to another supplier, thinking that this will help them save more.

Is it really advantageous to switch to a new energy provider? Why do new customers save more from switching? Is there another way to reduce electric bills if you opt to stay with your current energy provider?

Switching to a New Supplier

While most people are left wondering, there’s indeed a reason behind for a supplier to pass savings on new customers. At most points, providing their cheapest energy deal is a strategy to acquire more new customer accounts. Electricity and gas suppliers are putting their efforts on those who are switching to provide competitive rates to their current suppliers. To do this, they use their savings from the wholesale market to offer huge discounts.

Aside from the savings because of switching, customers are lured to a new supplier because they feel no difference at all. There’s no power interruption, no person to visit their home, and the only difference is that the bill comes from another company and that the price is a little bit lower than the previous one. In short, the entire switching process is convenient and easy.

On the other hand, switching to a new supplier can cost the customer a certain amount. This is due to the exit fees that most companies apply when the customer leaves before their contract is finished.

Using Smart Meter

In 2020, the UK government aims to provide every home in Great Britain a chance to cut their energy costs and consumption. Known as a smart meter, the tool is like the traditional gas and electricity meter, however, it automatically sends the reading to the energy carrier. Having said that, the meter sent is accurate. In addition, it comes with monitors so users can easily understand their energy consumption.

The device is a great option for those who want to cut their energy expenses without switching to a new supplier. After all, most energy providers give smart meters to their clients without any charge. The new device works more efficiently because it sends the actual energy consumed to the provider remotely. This means that every home and business user may no longer suffer from estimated bills nor manually send their own meter readings. Moreover, there’s no need for any representative to come and read the meter at home.

The device is designed with an in-home display, providing real-time usage details in pound and pence, plus the kWh use.

Benefits Of Having A Smart Meter

Smart meter users can benefit from the device in many ways such as:

• Accurate Bills – The tool is designed to send estimated bills and users can view the actual cost and energy used in its in-home display.
• Understand Energy Usage Easier – The tool lets the user see the activities that directly impact the energy bill. This helps to reduce the energy cost since users can track which activity uses more energy, allowing customers to make smarter decisions.

• Easier And Quicker Energy Switching – Since the data used can be accessed easily, switching to a new supplier might only take an hour or less.
• Updated, More Eco-friendly Energy Device – The device plays a part in giving low-carbon, reliable, and efficient energy to every home in Britain.

Smart meter users should not worry about switching to a new supplier because Ofgem has created regulations that would protect the user in case they want to move to a new energy provider.

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