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Unfortunately, business electricity and gas customers in the UK are bombarded with cold calls on a daily basis. At Energy Advice Line we have started a campaign to say 'no' to business energy cold calling. Click here to find out more.

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How to find the best energy supplier

Finding out the best energy supplier in the United Kingdom sounds easy, however, it is difficult especially if the tariffs seem almost the same. Fortunately, there are business electric supplier comparison sites that help in making the choosing and switching tasks easier.
A business electric supplier comparison does the hard task of comparing different suppliers to find new and possible lowest electricity rates. The comparison tool searches the market from time to time to find the best prices for each customer’s specific needs. Therefore, it helps save not only the money but also the time and effort of the user.
Here are some of the electric supplier comparisons in the United Kingdom:
The site, which is founded in 2001, is known as the first & longest-running UK financial services comparison site which specialisation are insurance and financial services. The website allows the users to find and compare prices from various products such as car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and even gas and electricity best-buy table.
As for energy businesses, helps the customer in switching to another supplier easily.

British Business Energy

The company was founded to address two major concerns of businesses such as:
1. Help companies reduce electricity expenses.
2. Produce necessary details in relation to the UK business energy market. British Business Energy’s goal is to help customers find the best tariff that would provide value to their money.

The comparison site’s table contains unbiased information which users can use to compare business electricity rates.

uSwitch is an online platform for comparing telephone and switching service. The company is a division of the uSwitch group that is committed to helping businesses save money through its services such as telecoms, insurance, and business energy. It provides information on various products and services such as the prices from the “Big Six” and other small energy suppliers. The company aims to help customers save at least 30% on their business energy expenses.
uSwitch gets quotes from the market regularly to find the best deal for every type of businesses. Ltd
The comparison site is an independent, privately-owned company that makes comparing electricity, gas, and dual fuel prices easier and quicker. The information on their website is not only helpful but also for free.
In 2001, Ltd was accredited by Ofgem, then EnergyWatch, and finally, the Ofgem Confidence Code.
The company collects data from various electricity and gas suppliers in able to provide the best deals for every business customers. It provides free energy comparison service to its customers.

Energy Advice Line
The company offers free comparison services for businesses. Energy Advice Line notifies customers about the latest prices through email. They also send alerts every time the energy suppliers alter their rates.
Energy Advice Line does not only provide the cheapest energy rates but also, it helps in the switching to ensure that the customer’s transfer to the new provider will be quick and easy. Moreover, the company promises that there will be no disruption to the business’ electric supply during the switching.

Love Energy Savings
In 2007, Love Energy Savings was established to provide the best energy prices to the customers. The company is specialized in finding the cheapest deals for electricity and gas expenses. Its goal is to assist business in the UK to reduce costs and save money on their business energy.
Love Energy Savings partnered with various energy suppliers in the United Kingdom to have access on the best electricity and gas tariffs. The company boasts on helping over 11,000 homes and businesses in the UK in saving from their electric expenses.

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