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British Gas Announce Double Digit Energy Price Hike

British Gas customers have reason to feel betrayed after the Big Six supplier announced a double-digit business electricity prices hike. Consumers were right to feel cheated by the 10.2% price hike for electricity and 9.2% rise for gas.

In May this year, British Gas owner Centrica promised to delay any price rises this winter after enjoying an 18% increase in gas consumption during last winter’s bitterly cold temperatures. It is very difficult to reconcile that promise with the announcement today of inflation-busting price increases for both gas and electricity and consumers have every right to feel betrayed and let down.

In all likelihood, many consumers would have taken British Gas at their word and either stuck with them, or switched to them, on the basis of their promise that their prices would not rise this winter. As a result, many will have lost the opportunity to avoid these price hikes.

10.2% electricity price rises and 9.2% gas price rises are unacceptable

The price increase will take affect on 23rd November 2013…

The British Gas business electricity prices increase will take effect on November 23 2013, and nearly 8 million households will be affected. The company said the cost of buying energy on the global markets, delivering gas and electricity to customers’ homes, and the government’s green policies were to blame.

Last week Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) announced it would raise prices by 8.2%pc from November 15, adding more than £100 to average annual bills for customers taking both gas and electricity. SSE blamed the rising cost of buying wholesale energy and delivering it to customers’ homes, as well as government charges collected through energy bills.

Labour party pledge to freeze energy prices for 20 months…

Current Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged a price freeze for 20 months if his party wins the next election, although Prime Minister David Cameron has branded Mr Miliband’s price freeze plan as a “con”.

Energy consumers in the UK are now totally let down and bewildered by what is going on in the energy market and they need to get around the table with of all the parties involved to devise a strategy for dealing with energy prices for the short, medium, and long term.

Please check your prices using a reputable price comparison service NOW…

At Energy Advice Line, we call on consumers that are affected to go out to the market and hunt for the cheapest deals available but more importantly lock in to a fixed-term contract as this will create a security blanket against future prices rises from the remaining suppliers that have not announced the increase yet.

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