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07 December 2018

Energy Advice Line has been helping business customers save money on Energy Prices for over 15 years, ensuring that our customers never pay out of contract rates. However, we are aware of just how busy our customers can be, with most small businesses only having a small team and business owners on average having 20 minutes a day to carry out miscellaneous tasks, because of this we are always looking at ways to make dealing with energy contracts easier.

Often business owners are busy running the day to day operations and can occasionally forget about the energy contracts meaning they miss the renewal date. By default, the supplier will move them to out of contract rates – which can be significantly higher than what was previously being paid. This can often be missed until the next quarterly bill is received, but by then it is too late and the business has no option but to pay what they owe.

That is why we created the Relax service. It is a hassle free renewal service specially designed for business customers. We launched Relax to take the hassle out of customers calling around to try and find the best possible price for their business energy contract. After all, this process takes time and ultimately costs them money! Imagine… your contract expires and you are automatically transferred onto the cheapest deal that we can offer at that time. It is a seamless process and you will be guaranteed the lowest possible price for your next energy contract. To make it even better you won’t have to do a thing as we will do it for you. With your permission we will take care of your new energy contract every time your existing one ends, until you ask us to stop.

An Overview

  • The team at Energy Advice Line will take responsibility for securing your next energy contract.
  • We will send an email with a selection of the best prices on the market as your renewal date approaches. We will automatically select the cheapest price but you can select any of the other options before the quote window closes. This way you still have the option to engage with the process if you wish.
  • We handle all of the time consuming admin on your behalf, including
    • Price comparison
    • Terminations

We will do whatever it takes to get your contract up and running and importantly keep you in the loop at all times by email.

  • Don’t Worry you can opt out and cancel the RELAX renewal service at any time, before your renewal quote window closes.

What We Do and When

To be able to confidently search, select and secure your new contract – without having to call us – you need to know what we are going to do and when you can expect information from us.

  • You can opt in to take the relax renewal service and we will contact you on approach to your renewal date to let you know which date we will send quotes through by email. This will typically be 3-6 months before your current contract end date.
  • We will send your renewal quote through on the specified date and confirm this time when the quote window closes.
  • On receipt of the quote email you can check the cheapest rate that we are suggesting and also see other options that are available. If you are happy with our suggested price, you don’t have to do a thing. If you want to choose another option, you just make the selection on the screen and lock in the price.
  • The contract with your supplier will be completed when the quote window closes and you will receive a copy of the contract paperwork by email.
  • That’s it, we take care of the rest and you are assured that you are locked into another competitive rate.
  • If you want to opt out of the Relax Renewal service all you need to do is select this option when we send the quote email through – simple!


The Relax Renewal service from Energy Advice Line is our exclusive energy contract management service designed specifically for business customers in the UK. We take the hassle our of the renewal process with the aim of saving UK businesses as much money as possible year on year.

The process is transparent, quick and easy, allowing you to get on with the day job trusting us that we have got on with ours.

Testimonials From Energy Advice Line Customers

Always prompt in contacting every year and sort me the best deal hassle free – Gary Lynam

Energy Advice Line has been providing energy support to our business for 6 years. Tom Jackson is always a pleasure to deal with – calm and reliable, he makes the whole business stress free and has introduced us to good tariffs that we would never have found on our own. Well done Tom, I’ve been really glad of your help. – M C Phillips

Energy Advice Line has been invaluable to our Playing Field Association. They have assisted our organization in obtaining competitive energy prices for several years. Tom Jackson has recently assisted in setting up a new contract with Scottish power in a very efficient and professional manner.
Nothing has been too much trouble and he has made the transition from our current provider to Scottish Power so easy. – David Cuthbertson

I have always had great advice and service from Tom Jackson and Liam Wade. They have dealt with a number of our contracts over the past 5 years or so which has taken away the stress of dealing with the energy companies ourselves, very professional and helpful. Would highly recommend if you want to de-stress! – Katie Weeks

How To Sign Up

If you would like to sign up to the RELAX Renewal service then simply follow the link and fill in your details and one of our advisers will be in touch as soon as possible, or simply call our office during business hours; 0800 915 1800.

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