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EAL Customer Journey

24 April 2019

Our Client Process

In this week’s blog, we wanted to share the journey out customer takes, from initial inquiry to their contract going live. In doing this, we aim to show just how simple it can be to quote and contract energy bills even if you are a busy business owner.

  1. Initial inquiry

The first step in getting your new energy contract up and running is to give us a call. It is best to call us once you have received your renewal quote from your suppler. Your supplier should always send you a renewal letter as your contract comes to an end, however you can also request a renewal quote at least three months before the contract is due to end.

We ask you for you to have a renewal quote as this will allow us to give you a like for like quote, we have great relationships with our supplier partners and will always do what we can to get you the best possible price. As well as this, your renewal letter will have your up to date consumption, so we will be able to give you an accurate price meaning your payments will be as accurate as they can be.

  1. Choosing a Supplier

Whilst it may seem like an obvious choice to choose the supplier with the lowest price, it is important to consider other factors as well. We are here to help you make that choice and ensure your decision is an informed one. It is important to think about the energy needs of your business and what the supplier can do to add value to your time with them. We are confident that our sales agents are equipped with enough knowledge to help you make an informed decision so always make the most of their knowledge and ask the questions you feel are important.

  1. Complete the sign up

The next step is to complete the sign up by signing a contract. There are three ways that this can be done. Some suppliers only offer one or two options, but majority give the option of all three. The three options are;

  1. A verbal contract – this will entail our sales agent reading you the contract over the phone and you will need to agree and state your name and other details when required. This is a great way to complete the contract from sign up to live in one quick and easy phone call, saving you a great amount of time. Alternatively, if you would like time to think about things or are short of time we are happy to arrange to call you back at a later date.
  2. A manual contract – This will involve sending you the contract via email, you will then need to print sign and scan the contract back to us in order for us to process the contract. This can be time consuming for our customer and a waste of paper, so we will try and avoid this where possible. We understand for some customers this is the best and most convenient way and are happy to accommodate this.
  3. E-sign contract – This is similar to a manual sign however; the email will give the customer the ability to electronically sign the contract and send it back. Once it has been submitted both the customer and Energy Advice Line will receive a copy. This is a great way to ensure you never lose your contract as it will always be electronically stored and is a lot more sustainable than a manual sign.


  1. Serving Termination

If you are switching to a new supplier, you will need to serve termination to your current supplier 30 days before the contract end date. If you do not serve termination you risk losing the price you were quotes and you may be rolled onto out of contract rates from the supplier. If you are worried about this then please speak to one of our advisors and they will be happy to talk you through the process.

  1. Going Live

Your contract will go live on the date agreed and will be a smooth transition, your power supply will not be affected, and you will be able to continue business as usual. In the unlikely event that you do experience any issues please call us, so we can advise you and help you through any problems that arise.

Otherwise, the only thing left to do is take a meter reading on the day of the switch and provide this to your new supplier. They will pass this on to your old supplier to ensure you are billed accurately. If you don’t have a SMART meter, we recommend giving meter readings once a month to ensure your bills are always as accurate as possible.


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