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Good news on Norwegian pipeline maintenance eases markets

Hopes of a swift conclusion to Sleipner maintenance prompted the complete reversal of Mondays gains to gas prices yesterday. Contracts across the curve shed value during...

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Norwegian supply issues increases gas prices

Severe Norwegian capacity restrictions propelled gas prices to year-to-date highs on Monday. Contracts opened firm on news of renewed supply risks and continued to...

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Gas prices soften amid strong wind conditions

Gas prices softened on Friday, as surging wind output paired up with a bearish wider energy complex to undermine bullish momentum built up across the week. The biggest...

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Gas prices up amid increasingly tight supply constraints

Gas prices resumed its upward trajectory on Thursday amid an increasingly bullish demand outlook and continuing Norwegian supply constraints. The biggest moves were this...

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Gas prices stable after days of volatility

Gas prices were much more stable on Wednesday, a welcome break from recent volatility. The biggest moves were posted further out, with the Summer 26 contract edging...

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Strong wind conditions helps reduce gas demand

A combination of stronger wind output and weak gas demand gave way to reductions to gas prices on Tuesday. Small, incremental losses of circa 0.034p/kWh were posted...

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Gas price rises ease amid good news from Norway

Gas prices reversed course on Friday, with robust storage levels and an announcement from Norway’s Equinor helping to put an end to the recent upward trajectory. The...

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Gas prices increase amid drop in wind generation

Restricted volumes and a drop in wind generation spurred gas prices on Thursday, as natural gas prices were once again lifted higher. All curve contracts surged during...

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Gas prices up again amid major US LNG setback

Gas prices were forced up again on Wednesday amid fresh Russian supply concerns and a major US LNG setback. The biggest moves were posted at the front-end, with the June...

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Gas prices up amid curtailed Norwegian output

Gas prices were forced up on Tuesday amid amid curtailed Norwegian output and despite tumbling gas demand. Late afternoon trade witnessed the Winter 24 front-season...

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