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All the facts on Scottish and Southern Electric more commonly known as SSE

Formerly known as Scottish and Southern Electric Plc, SSE plc has been established in 1998 at Perth, Scotland, UK. The British energy company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and a FTSE 100 Index’s constituent.

SSE, which has acquired £585.2 million net income in 2016, is operating both in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It plays a major role in the generation and supply of gas and electricity, the operation of telecoms networks and gas, and other services related to energy such as exploration, gas storage, production, connections, contracting, and metering.

With over 21,000 employees in 2016, SSE is considered as one of the “Big Six,” along with NPower, ScottishPower, EDF, British Gas, and E.ON UK.

Choosing SSE As The Gas And Electricity Supplier

SSE has over millions of happy customers who continuously trust the brand when it comes to their energy supply. The perks are simply limited; customers can save up to £92 a year when they opt to pay using Direct Debit and paperless billing.

Customers have exclusive access to UK’s biggest events by using their SSE Reward.

Moving Out Of Home

SSE makes moving to a new place easier and more convenient. The company uses an online moving service that transfers the current account to the new address. However, the customer needs to prepare few things such as the moving dates, meters readings from the old address, the new address for the new bill purposes, and bank details. The same requirements are needed if the customer is moving into a new home and would like to switch with SSE.

Gas And Energy Tariffs

SSE provides various tariffs that would suit every homes and business in the UK. Customers can choose between fixed rates to flexible ones.

SSE 1 Year Fixed v10

With SSE 1 Year Fixed v10, the price is fixed for 12 months and customers have the chance to save up to £92 off each year if they choose to pay by Direct Debit and paperless bill. However, it requires £30 for the exit fee. It is available for both new and old customers except for Pay As You Go meter.

Fix 2020

Customers who signed up with Fix 2020 will pay the same amount for three years. SSE will give also provide £92 off each year if they opt for Direct Debit and paperless bills. However, those who wish to leave this tariff will pay £25 for the exit fee. It is available for both new and old customers except for Pay As You Go meter. Customers who signed up for this tariff is also entitled to a Smart Meter.

Fix & Shop v3

This tariff comes with different perks. Aside from paying the same price for 24 months, customers will receive £25 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card and £92 off each year for choosing Direct Debit and paperless bills. However, the customer needs to pay £25 for the exit fee. Signing up with this tariff means expressing interest with Smart Meter.


This tariff is suitable to those who want to pay for a flexible rate. It provides a £40 discount for paying with Direct Debit and £6 for paperless billing. Moreover, it has no early exit fee.

Home Services

Homeowners can avail from any of the two annual packages, Shield Gas Boiler Care Flexi and Shield Gas Heating Care Flexi packages. Whatever package is chosen, customers will receive the yearly boiler service that cost £85. The package also includes unlimited labour and parts and priority breakdown service.

Existing SSE customers can avail the exclusive £25 discount on their bill if they choose to purchase the eligible boiler cover. However, Pay As You Go customers cannot take advantage of this wonderful offer.

Meanwhile, they can choose from the different boiler covers:

Shield Gas Boiler Care Flexi

The policy is free for the first 3 months;  £12.40 afterward for 9 months. It covers the customers heating controls and boilers and includes initial inspection, 24/7 emergency helpline, and the annual service that cost £85.

Shield Gas Heating Care Flexi

The policy is free for the first three months; £14.40 afterward every month. It covers the controls, boilers, and whole central heating system. it includes unlimited labor and parts, 24/7 emergency helpline, initial inspection, and the annual service that cost £85.

Shield Gas Boiler Care

The policy cost £16.90 every month and it covers the boiler and heating controls. It includes the unlimited call-outs, 24/7 emergency helpline, initial inspection, and the annual service that cost £85.

Shield Gas Heating Care

The policy cost £18.90 every month and it includes the controls, boilers, and full central heating system. It covers unlimited call outs without fees, initial inspection, and the annual service worth £85.

Shield Electrical Wiring Care

This coverage provides five-year inspection for the customer’s fixed wiring system. It gives them 24-hours access to emergency helpline as well as unlimited call-outs, parts, and labours. Moreover, it provides priority breakdown service.

New Boiler Installation

Having a new boiler comes with 2-year boiler coverage and servicing. Heating experts will also assist homeowners for their heating needs by providing home visits.

Customers will also receive an up to 10 years’ manufacturer warranty, free carbon monoxide director, Smart Thermostat and installation, and exclusive ticket presales for UK’s biggest events.

Smart Meters

As part of UK Government’s implementation, SSE will adapt the changes that will happen in 2020. With this, they will introduce Smart Meters that will help customers save energy, money, and time. Depending on the fuels that the customers use, they will be provided with a smart electricity and gas meters for free.

It works by reading the meters every 10 seconds for the electricity and half-hour for the gas. It provides the accurate information in pounds and pence so users will know the exact amount of their gas and energy use.

This new technology benefits the consumers in many ways such as the ease of sending meter readings.

With Smart Meters, accurate meter readings are automatically sent so users don’t need to do it manually.

Having a Smart Meter will allow customers to save energy and money. Through this device, they will be able to track the exact amount that they are using through Smart Energy Tracker.

Moreover, they can make use of all the features to set their energy efficient targets.

Information and prices stated above sourced in May 2017

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