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Originally based in Glasgow, Scotland, ScottishPower Ltd was founded in 1990. The vertically integrated energy company used to be a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index until it became a subordinate of Iberdrola, a Spanish utility.

It became one of the licensed companies allowed to distribute electricity in the southern and central part of Scotland, North Wales and Merseyside. ScottishPower also provides natural gas and electricity to the homes and business in the UK.

In 2006, it has over 507 million income and over 9,000 employees, making as one of the “Big Six” Energy Suppliers in the United Kingdom together with EDF Energy, British Gas, E.ON UK, NPower, and SSE. It also posses PPM Energy in the US.

Primarily, UK homes and business owners choose ScottishPower because of the accessibility that its online account offers. It also provides good prices and great customer service.

PowerUp: Pay As You Go

ScottishPower has made it possible for the consumers to by electricity that will last for a day or up to 6 months. The purchased gas and electricity package can be viewed on the user’s mobile device. This will track the amount of energy needed in the next PowerUp. Moreover, the meter reading is used to guarantee that the user stays on track.

Although PowerUps are available on a day-to-day basis, customers are advised to purchase a bigger package because it will help them save more. This product is different from the usual monthly direct debit because the consumer can buy the energy up front, making it easier for them to buy only the supply they need and manage their finances.

PowerUp is available on two options: DayPay (buy for 1 to 29 days) and Packages (buy for a month, 3 months, or 6 months.)

Smart Meters

UK’s Government is planning to introduce smart meters all over Britain in 2020 and ScottishPower is adopting the change. This is their way to help consumers with their supply of gas and energy but also to make smart choices for their finances. Smart meters feature an In-Home Display that allows users to be in control of the electricity they are using, thus saving energy, money and the environment too.

Smart meters are beneficial because it lets the customers see the actual costs in pounds and pence. The accurately read meter will be sent directly to ScottishPower, therefore, there’s no need to ask someone read the meter nor manually submit it.

The installation will take place in 2020 and customers will not be charged for it. ScottishPower will call their consumers regarding the installation, however, they may also call 0800 027 0072  for further assistance.

Boiler Care Policy

A boiler is important on cold seasons because it helps in heating the water, therefore, it should receive the right care and maintenance it needs to make it work efficiently and save the customer money. Typically, a new boiler costs around £1,800, therefore, it’s best to insure it with the right coverage.

ScottishPower offers various boiler care and breakdown insurance packages from basic repair to advance.

The basic and the cheapest policy is the Boiler Repair

Insurance which cost £6.71. It has a money back guarantee program in case the boiler was not fixed.

Another one is the Boiler Care which costs £15.80. It includes an annual service and a support from ScottishPower’s qualified engineers.

And finally, the Boiler Care Plus which cost £17.90. The policy includes annual service and support from their engineers to resolve any boiler problems. Furthermore, they will look after the customer’s radiators as well.

Meanwhile, customers can opt for one-off boiler repair and service which starts from  £78. It includes the first hour’s labor and the call out fee.

Gas And Electricity Tariffs

ScottishPower has been on the market for over a century and one of the reasons why it survived is its appealing price. It has different tariffs so customers can look for the one the will work best for them. It is payable by quarterly or monthly direct debit, online debit card, cheque, quarterly by Cash, or Postal Order.

Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver June 2019 – The tariff cost £1,088.01 per year and it will remain the same until June 30, 2019.  It includes the amount to be donated to the Cancer Research UK. It has no exit fees with £533.14 for the gas and  £565.38 for the electricity.

Help Beat Cancer Fix & Save June 2019 – The tariff cost £1,105.96 a year and an amount will be donated to the Cancer Research UK. The price will remain until June 30, 2019, without exit fees. It requires £543.54 for the gas and  £572.92 for the electricity.

Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy June 2019 – The tariff cost £1,105.98 a year with  £540.40 for its gas and £576.08 for its electricity. An amount will be donated to the Cancer Research UK and it comes with no exit fees.

Online Fixed Price Energy June 2018 v3 –  The tariff cost £1,058.00 a year, with £516.41 for its gas and £552.09 for its electricity. The customer has the option to switch to another supplier, however, an amount of £30.00 is needed for the electricity and another £30.00 for the gas.

Online Fixed Saver June 2018 – The tariff cost £1,040.03 per year with only  £509.15 for its gas and £541.39 for the electricity. The customer has the option to switch to another supplier but exit fees, which costs £60.00, is required for the gas and electricity.

Online Fix & Save June 2018 – The tariff cost £1,057.97 with £519.55 for the gas and £548.92 for the electricity. An amount of  £60.00 is required for the exit fees.

Fixed Price Energy October 2018 v2 – This tariff cost £1,180.24 annually and will remain fixed until October 31, 2018. It comes with HomeComfort Premium Care and users can end the service without exit fees.

Online Standard – The tariff cost £1,166.75 per year, however, since it is a variable rate, the price may go up or down depending on the market. It has no end date and exit fees.

Business Quotes

ScottishPower also provides gas and electricity to businesses. The service allows business owners to check on their billings online. Businesses can save as much as £50 because of the fixed prices that they are offering. Otherwise, they can avail the standard tariff.

Prices and information stated in above article is from research made in May 2017

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