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All the facts about Opus Energy Limited

In 2001, Oxford Power Holdings Limited was established in Northampton, England, the UK which has another office in Oxford. The gas and electricity supplier, which was renamed to Opus Energy Limited on October 28, 2010, provides their products and services to businesses in the United Kingdom.

Opus obtains electricity from solar, hydro, wind, andAD generators and gives assistance to energy-generating sites.

Opus Energy Limited works as a subordinate of Opus Energy Group Ltd and its shares are divided; 50.01% to the management, 20% to Telecom Plus Plc, and 29.99%  to International Power Plc.

The energy supplier has been in the market since 2002concernand because of its excellent service, they have received numbers of awards such as the prestigious ‘Independent Energy Supplier of the Year’ award in the year 2010. The coming years — 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 — Opus earned a spot in The Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 league.

Although it was not considered as one of the “Big Six,” Opus has dominated the market, making itself as one of the largest suppliers in the UK.

Business Energy

Opus Energy supplies gas and electricity to more than 200,000 businesses. The company is known for providing great customer service, competitive prices, and accurate billing. Because of this, Opus was listed by Datamonitor’s B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey as the highest-rated provider for small and medium energy users.

Requesting a quote is easy and it can be done online or by calling one of their UK-based customer representatives; Energyadviceline.

Once the business opted for Opus Energy as their gas and electricity supplier, they will receive a free smart meter that will let them understand and see their electricity usage. Moreover, the online account provided also helps in managing the energy remotely.

Even larger businesses can take advantage of Opus’ products and services. The company has designed two main electricity products to better provide specific needs such as corporate electricity and corporate gas.

Corporate Electricity

Opus Energy privilege Opus Evolution for the flexible purchasing solution of huge companies. This enables them to obtain some or all of their electricity customer, or after the start date of their contract while allowing a direct access to the wholesale market.

Larger business has the privilege to select their preferred trading structure; megawatt blocks and residual price, the percentage of volume, or megawatt blocks and shape fee. Companies can even purchase or and market megawatt blocks of quarters, months, or seasons. In addition, a business can take advantage of their online account for controlling and monitoring purposes of their market prices, position, and reports.

With this, the business will have its own dedicated account manager, tailored reporting, 24/7 access to Opus Evolution Portal, and energy portfolio visibility.

For businesses that want to pay for fixed prices despite fluctuations, Opus Energy offers Opus Fixed. The price to be paid will remain the same for the entire duration of the contract.

The fixed price offered is an integration of tailored account service and business electricity charge that secures the price from the wholesale energy market fluctuations.

With this, the business can choose from 12 to 36 months and a dedicated account manager. It also provides competitive electricity and gas prices and the flexibility to suit every business needs and sizes.

Non-commodity Charges

While these costs are the fees and charges incurred by third parties, Opus Energy still helps by providing several options; protect, preference, or published.

Protect – This is best for customers who are not fond of prices increase. Fixed price is guaranteed even if the market increased or decreased.

Preference – This is best for customers who are willing to pay a variable charge but at the same time, have budget certainties. With this option, a business can choose which non-commodity charges will be paid on a fixed price and which are based on variable rate.

Prevailing – This is for customers who are open for any increase or decrease in price and willing to pay for it.

Business Gas

Opus Energy provides the best business gas rates that will suit any types and sizes of business. A team of experts based in the UK are readily available to assist any concerns regarding the business gas such as the price, options, etc. Moreover, an online account that is easy and convenient to use is provided. Over 90% of the Opus Energy consumers stay until the end of their contract because of the promising services and products they give.

Another aspect that the company is giving importance to is the cost. This is why they give smart meters for free. Opus Energy also provides accurate ebills and online account for checking and monitoring purposes.

Energy Brokers

Even brokers and consultant are welcomed in the Opus Energy community. They provide an Energy Consultant team who possess vast knowledge about the energy market. Brokers and consultants can reach them by dialing 0800 915 1800 or visting Energy advice line’s site directly.

Renewable Energy Generators

Opus Energy purchases renewable energy from Solar panels, hydro, anaerobic digestion, and wind turbines. Choosing them as a supplier offers countless benefits to the business. First, they offer transparent price such as fixed rates with no off-peak tariffs.

Every business is supported in the entire process; from the planning phase up to the connection. Dedicated account management team are on-hand and willing to assist every customer. In addition, they provide accurate and timely installment payment.

Renewable Developers

Opus Energy ensures that each and every client get the best out of their energy by providing the best price and support to grow energy-generating sites. A step-by-step support is provided by the experts to guarantee that every concern is addressed.

The renewable energy is brought from wind turbines, hydro, solar panel, and anaerobic digestion.

The benefits that await every customer are numerous. Opus Energy provides competitive rates for the business’ client’s energy. They also provide impressive fees for the business’ service. Moreover, an expert from the Account Management Team will happily assist the business from the start of the contract until the end.

Information stated above from research in May 2017

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