The facts and need to know on Npower

Formerly known as Innogy Plc., Npower Limited is an electricity supplier and generator based in the UK. The company supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses in the United Kingdom.

When it was still known as Innogy Plc in 2000,  the supplier was recorded on the London Stock Exchange. It was also a part of the FTSE 100 Index. However, in 2002, it was obtained by RWE (Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk) of Germany, therefore renaming it as RWE Npower Plc.

The brand, which has over 5.1 home and business accounts and 11,500 employees,

has dominated the electricity and gas market of the UK. With its large scope, Npower is considered as one of the “Big Six.”

Gas And Electricity Tariffs For Home Use

There are 5 tariffs available for consumers who want to take advantage of the Npower’s supplies. These choices allow them to decide whether they want to have fixed price or a more flexible rate. Nevertheless, each price is ensured to suit every need, may it be a home or a business.

Customers can pay for it using direct debit, receipt of the bill, or prepayment.

The first tariff, “Super Fix,” has price freeze until March 31, 2021. It is available for electricity, gas, or both and can be paid using direct debit or receipt of the bill.  The exit fee per fuel is  £30.

The second, “Price Fix,” has freeze price until March 2021. It is payable by direct debit or receipt of the bill without exit fees. However, it is not available for everyone; only consumers who have availed the standard variable rates can take advantage of this.

Another tariff is the “Online Price Fix.” The price is frozen until May 31, 2018. It requires  £30 for the exit fee, payable by direct debit or receipt of the bill.

The fourth one, “Price Fix,” has no exit fees. It offers fixed prices until June 30, 2019, which is payable by direct debit or receipt of the bill.

The last one, “Standard Viable,” offers flexible rate as the prices can go up or down. It has no exit fees and can be paid by direct debit, receipt of the bill, or prepayment.

How To Switch From Your Current Supplier To Npower?

Applying for NPower is quick and easy; first, just look for the best quote and apply online via Energy Advice Line.  The company itself will talk to the current provider about the switch. Afterward, they will notify the customer when it is done. Finally, the consumer will send the meter readings to Npower.

Within a week, the new customer will receive a Welcome Pack and a copy of the agreement. It will contain the contract number, terms and conditions, and the information that the customer has provided.

The contract number is used to create an online account wherein the customer can track their progress, read important details, and send meter readings.

Smart Meters

The latest smart technology provides ease and convenience to the customers as it allows them to view their bills in pounds and pence. It uses a wireless network for communication between a home/business and the energy supplier.

It works by allowing the energy supplier to read the meter remotely. The accurate information gathered is used for billing purposes.

The Smart meters will be available by 2020 and the company will automatically replace the meters the meters that the customers are currently using without any charge.

Boilers And Central Heating

The use of boiler is significant, especially during the cold winter months. This is a household device or a central heating system that provides hot water. As a constituent of the Government initiative known as the ECO (Energy Companies Obligation), every qualified individual will have a free boiler.

NPower provides a test to know whether a person is qualified to have a free insulation. But basically, he/she must have a mainland Great Britain residency and an owner/tenant of a private accommodation.

Solar Panels

Npower aims to help consumers save money, therefore, they provide products such as solar photovoltaic panels. Commonly known as solar panels, this technology helps homes and businesses generate their own electricity and money. Moreover, this device is environmentally friendly.

Solar Thermal

A solar thermal has two types; flat plate and evacuator tubes. Both types are efficient in capturing the heat of the sun which is then used to warm the water. Therefore, rather than using other heating devices, the owner will just use the sun to heat the water.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the best technology for homes so far. With it, users are capable of controlling their temperature remotely, by using their tablet, laptop, or mobile device. The device is used to auto-adjust the temperature even after the homeowner leaves the house.

The Auto-schedule works by allowing Nest Thermostat learn the owner’s schedule. Therefore, it is capable of programming itself and helping the owner save at the same time.

It works by converting daylight into electricity (direct current) which is then converted to alternating current by the use of an inverter.

Business Purposes

NPower provides various energy contract for different businesses; small, medium, and large. Company owners can choose from fixed contract to help those who are specific with their budgets, to flexible contracts for those who can capable of managing their rate risk. The company also supplies unmetered supplies, renewable energy, and consortiums.

With fixed contract, the business owner is guaranteed to pay the same price, despite the change of the market, until the end of the agreement.

Meanwhile, the flexible contract allows the business owner to take advantage of the changes in the energy market.

Renewal Of Tariff

In case the tariff is ending, homeowners/tenants and businesses are advised to Npower’s tariff found online, otherwise, they will be moved to the Standard tariff, as stated in their terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, existing users can switch to a new tariff in case their tariff is about to end. They will start paying the new rates from their start date.

Information and prices stated above from research in May 2017

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