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The need to knows about EDF Energy

EDF Energy, which was founded on 2002, is an integrated energy company in the United Kingdom. The business supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses all throughout the country. With over 13,000 employees and 5.7 million customers, it is considered as one of the biggest company, earning about £8,030 million.

Technically, EDF Energy is owned by the French state, thus the name Électricité de France. It was established after obtaining and merging London Electricity Plc, SEEBOARD Plc, SWEB Energy Plc, combined cycle gas turbine power and the two coal-fired power stations. In 2009, it became one of largest distribution network operator and generators after taking control of British Energy, a UK electricity company.

Home Purposes

EDF Energy supplies a commendable service for homes in the UK. it will feature smart meters which are available in the coming years. This technology, which can be used at home or business, helps the consumers save time and money by allowing them to monitor their energy usage. It displays accurate meter reading which is automatically sent to the company, so users can focus more on their household tasks and business matters.

Meanwhile, new users can get a quick and easy quote online. It is fixed price with no exit fees. Meanwhile, low-carbon generation will support the electricity to those who have availed the Blue Tariffs.

Gas And Electricity Tariffs

While EDf Energy will have an increase this coming June 21, 2017, those who are under fixed tariff or prepayment meter will not be affected.

Below are the gas and electricity tariffs that new consumers can consider:

Cheapest Fixed – This tariff is quite a saver because it offers low fixed prices and no exit fees.

Longest Fixed – This tariff comes with long-term fixed prices. It is also under a heating insurance cover, however, it has its own terms and conditions.

Fixed Prepayment – This tariff is best for those who want fixed prepayment prices for their energy.

Standard Variable – This tariff is not based on a fixed price; the rate can go up or down. It also has not exit fees and end date.

Five Years Free-Service

Old boiler owners can have a “brand new ‘A’ rated energy efficient boiler” if they exchange their old ones with EDF Energy. It comes with a 5-year free servicing and an expertly done installation care of Gas Safe registered engineer. Furthermore, it is covered by up to ten years warranty.

Replacing the old boiler can benefit the owner in many ways; one of which is that it lessens the running costs and the chances of breakdowns. Moreover, replacing the old boiler with EDF Energy includes the aftercare service plans, professional installation, and a manufacturer’s warranty.

EDF Energy Protect

Protecting home has never been this secure with EDF Energy. The company ensures high quality of service by teaming up with Intana, one of UK’s leading assistance and claims management services. The policy covers different products such as the boiler, controls, radiator, thermostat, and many more.

The number of claims is unlimited; users can ask assistance as many as they can via Claims Helpline which is available 24/7. Therefore, it provides the best protection for homeowners, backed up by a 12-month warranty on all parts.

One of its policy is the boiler protect, a coverage for the thermostats, boilers, and controls. It is supported by Gas Safe engineers with a warranty on all parts for 12 months. The policy only costs £12.95 per month.

Another policy is the Heating Protect, which costs £18.75 per month. This maintains the functionality of the radiators, controls, thermostat, and boilers. It comes with a 12-month warranty and, safety check, and yearly boiler service. The parts and labor fee is already included.

The third policy is the Emergency protect; a coverage for plumbing, wiring, locks, glazing, roofing and even pest control. It only cost £5.00 including the 1-year warranty, labor, and parts.

For plumbing concerns, the Plumbing Protect is available for only £3.00. It covers the taps, pipes, drains, and more. The company also offers a £2 wiring protect for covering wiring sockets, fuse box, etc. It has a 12-month warranty offered.

HeatSmart – A Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat is used to manage home temperature and it is controlled directly by using a tablet, PC, and a smartphone. It also allows users to check on their previous usage and set up their own heating schedule.

The EDF Energy chooses Netatmo, as they found it the best of all types. It costs around £199 which is inclusive of the thermostat and the two-hour installation. The best thing about Netatmo is that it based its heating pattern on the user’s behavior. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty so consumers can sleep in peace.

Business Purposes

EDF Energy is also available for small and large business use. It provides a simple switching process for companies who wish to change their electricity and gas provider. Business owners can view the best price available online and select the tariff that will work best for their company. Signing procedure is also easy and accessible as it can be done online. For further questions and clarifications, their live chat support is available on their website.

The gas and electricity provider also helps in moving locations. In case the business is moving to a new property or out of the premise, EDF Energy supplies the energy needed.

Tariffs For Small And Medium Businesses

EDF Energy offers various tariffs that company owners can choose from. They can take advantage of Fixed For Businesses; a tariff that offers competitive fixed contracts available from 1 to 4 years. Meanwhile, for business owners who do not wish for a fixed-term contract, they can benefit from Freedom For Business; a tariff that will provide flexibility to the company. They also offer New Start; a tariff best for those who are starting a new business or transferring to a new premise.

Information stated above from research in May 2017

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