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The facts about British Gas

British Gas Services Limited, British Gas New Heating Limited, or simply known as British Gas, is one of the leading home services and energy providers in the United Kingdom. Founded on 1997, the company now serves over twelve million houses in the UK, making it the largest energy supplier. It is also recognized as one of the so-called “Big Six,” along with EDF Energy, Npower, E. ON UK, Scottish Power, and SSE.

Smarter Homes for Millions of Consumer

Smart Meters

The existence of smart technology is prevailing nowadays, however, British Gas has taken things to the next level. With them, the meter reading is more accurate and easier as the meters can read itself. The technology used, which sends the reading to the company automatically, is already converted so consumers can see the meter used in pounds and pence.

It is also accessible; consumers can take advantage of the British Gas interactive online tool to check on how they are utilizing their energy and gas. Moreover, top up can be done through the use of their app, over the phone, internet, or by visiting a shop and Pay As You Go customers can check their remaining balance on their smart energy monitor.

Smart meters are offered for free to all British Gas consumers and Pay As You Go customers. It will be installed without any fee by one of the company’s highly trained Smart Energy Experts.

Hive Active Heating

Tagged as “UK’s favorite wireless thermostat,” Hive is a combination of beauty and function. Its clever design makes it easier for the user to control their hot water and heating with a simple click from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or the thermostat itself. This means that consumers can save two things – money and energy.

For only £9 a month, the consumer can have their own Hive Active Heating installed by one of their engineers. Moreover, they can pick the best time for the installation.

Hive Connected Products

The company offers color changing 9.5W light bulbs to fit every consumer’s mood. They also have this cleverly designed Hive Active Plug that can be controlled even outside the home. Moreover, they have this Hive Motion Sensor which is easy to install. This technology can send alerts on smartphones.

Boiler IQ

One of the best benefits it gives perhaps is the company’s ability to view on your boiler. With Boiler IQ, consumers are guaranteed to feel warm all the time as this feature automatically finds whether the radiator stops heating or the hot water fails to generate.

Gas and Electricity Rates

The benefits that British Gas gives to its consumers are endless; they even made it easier for them to find tariffs that would work best on them and their home.


This energy tariff is accessible to Pay As You Go customers sans exit fees.

HomeEnergy Capped

The prices Npower; will not become higher, however, it might be lower. The consumer, however, needs to pay £20 per fuel for the exit fee.

Consumers are also advised whether a cheaper tariff is available through the annual statement, billing, or via email.

Home And Boiler Cover

The company also provides the protection that the heating, boiler, electrics, and plumbing need. This is best used for maintenance purposes and to avoid unexpected charges in case of malfunction.

The consumers can choose from variety of protection; HomeCare One for £10 a month, HomeCare Two for £12.24 a month, HomeCare Three for £15.43 a month, and HomeCare Four for £17.70

New Boilers

British Gas has existed for over 50 years, providing the best boilers suitable for every home. Consumers can check on a new boiler for their place, less £200 by exchanging their used boiler. The installation also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Boiler Repairs

Professional assistance is provided whether it’s under an ongoing cover or one-off repair. They also provide 24/7 call center assistance for British Gas customers or not. Moreover, the price is fixed and will not change no matter how long the repair will take or the parts needed.

Moving Home

Transferring to a new home has always been easy with British Gas. Existing customers can ask for assistance by simply logging on their account. Meanwhile, new customers can register a new account by simply calling 0800-048-0202.

Book an Engineer

Consumers can take advantage of their online account online or through the app when booking and manage their appointments with British Gas Engineers. Gas and central heating manuals are downloadable for the user’s reference.

For Business Use

British Gas is not limited for home users, in fact, business owners can also take advantage of the benefits they offer. Their quotes are competitive and they advertise that if they aren’t able to match the current supplier’s initial renewal quote, they’ll beat it and give £150.

Businesses that will set up a new account should not worry about the installation because they will be provided with expert assistance. The shifting process is quick and easy and may take only three weeks. To change supplier, the company should call British Gas and get a quote. A contract will be sent once the company chooses the right plan. The business’ current supplier will be notified about the changes to be made. Finally, the company should provide the meter reading prior to changing the supply.

As one of the leading energy supplier, the benefits are vast whether the business is small or multi-national. Aside from the professional assistance provided, the prices are always fixed even if the market rates fluctuate. They also offer competitive and flexible terms; businesses can select from the variety of Fixed Price Energy Plans they have that works for one to three years.

British Gas offers different services to keep boiler and appliances running well. Boilers will also be repaired in case of breakdown by the experts. Legislation services are also provided so business owners can be aware of their legal responsibilities, including health, safety, and cutting emissions.

Moreover, charging points can be installed on business electric vehicles and emergency care will be given to plumbing and drains.

Prices stated above from research in May 2017

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