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Review of Business Energy Prices Between 2012 and 2013

Since there are loads of small and medium businesses today, it is important that they fully understand how they should make their marketing more profitable thus making it more applicable for their clients without them worrying about over pricing. This Review of Business Energy Prices Between 2012 and 2013 has only one objective in mind and that is to help small and medium businesses decision makers as well as owners to fully understand the twists and turn of business electricity retail price buying trends and movements.

The objective of Review of Business Energy Prices Between 2012 and 2013 will help them make the right decision when it comes to signing with their business electricity contracts. The company itself has already helped thousands of business owners and decision makers switch to the best business electricity supplier that would help them on their business to save up more money. They are providing assistance to business owners through partial and full service whichever service that will suit their needs and budget. They provide options to their clients all over the United Kingdom.

Contract presenting can be quite complicated and confusing to customers so they help them understand how it works. Thus help them save up more money from staying on their old business electricity provider. They are using the profile class three single meter which is actually known around the UK when it comes to presenting a graph of results. It is one of the most popular presentations used around the UK for analysis. The electricity price actually increased each year by almost 10%. Way back in 2012, the average price of business electricity around the UK is 9.88 p/kWh then increased in the first three months of 2014 by 11.84 p/kWh.

The payment trend on 2013 was 67% and it was the percentages which most clients have used fixed monthly direct debit. It was considered to be one of the most compensative methods among clients of business electricity. While 28% of the clients preferred to pay through credit debit. 5% by check and these two last results were in the premium and typically credit risk by the supplier. As the method of payment narrowed during the course of 2013, the company made more options for the clients to choose from. They can now choose from 12 months to 24 months of payment that would help them pay on time and save up more. During the first months of 2013, almost 83% of customers opted for the 12-month contract, 12% for 24 months and 4% for 36 months. A significant change has been shown over the years.

For people who wish to switch supplier over the following months, the company advised taking the longer payment available to help them save up more. You will find more details and info online regarding the Review of Business Energy Prices Between 2012 and 2013 that would help you understand the buying trends on business electricity even more.

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