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Roll Out Of The Electricity Meter: Introducing Smart Meters

By 2020, the UK government expects smart meters installed in every home in Wales, Scotland and England. There are over 26 million homes, more than 40 energy suppliers, and one goal to reduce energy costs and consumption.

The said roll out of the electricity meter is a part of measures to improve the electricity and gas supply as well as to handle climate change-related issue. It is also the government’s way to improve the traditional energy system.

With a smart meter, electricity and gas customers can properly control their energy consumption, understand their electricity and gas bills, and see which among the activities cost high energy bills.

Bringing Smart Meter In Britain

As part of energy improvement, a smart grid will be used to achieve a reliable, low-carbon, and efficient way of supplying electricity and gas to Great Britain. A smart grid is a term used to describe an electricity supply network that utilises digital communications technology to discover and respond to local variations in usage. As part of these changes, the smart meter will be used to update the energy system in the country.

Known as the modern way of operating the energy networks, a smart meter links various communications, hardware, and other forms of technology. It works like the internet for gas and electricity.

The Importance Of Smart Grid

A smart grid offers numerous benefits to its users and it has the potential to resolve many problems that come out of energy. First, it updates ageing equipment to make sure that safety standards are met, the energy system is operated effectively, and that the electricity is brought out in every homes and business consistently.

A smart grid is a way to catch up with the increasing demand. With the rise of technologies and electronic devices, the demand for electricity continuously grows rapidly. With smart grid improvements, the large number of demands will be met, unlike with the old system which is nearly reaching capacity. It also reduces the chance of blackouts, brownouts, and surges. Power surges are unexpected and inevitable so when it does, it leaves nothing but damages audio equipment, televisions, and computers in power. With a smart grid, the flow of power is smoother so when such abortions occur, it is not as damaging as it should be.

Another wonder is that it gives the owner more control over their electricity bill. With a smart grid, the energy consumed can be monitored and adjusted easily as it offers 24/7 meter readings. Unlike with traditional meters, users will not be surprised with their bills as they can monitor it real time. Moreover, it allows the customer to schedule their high-energy consuming activities low-peak periods to guaranteed to pay for less.

It also promotes real-time troubleshooting, therefore, when the utility worker arrives, he doesn’t need to collect the data needed manually. With a smart meter, the digital information is presented immediately, solving the problem in the quickest and easiest possible way.

Even the environment can benefit from the smart grid as it promotes the use of green technologies such as the solar panels, electric cars, and heat pumps.

Apart from the users, the energy providers can also take advantage of the smart grid. With this technology, the energy supplier can directly communicate with the end-user equipment to lessen the energy consumed during peak hours, decreasing the need for expensive standby power plants.

Smart Meters Is Not Compulsory

Although smart meters are available to everyone, it is not mandatory. This means that everyone has the option whether to have it or not. Nevertheless, everyone is invited to experience the wonders of a smart meter, especially in energy consumption and costs.

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