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Consumer Complaints 

Energy Customer Complaints In Business Electric Through Ofgem And Ombudsman Services Energy
Although business energy suppliers try hard to avoid committing mistakes, complaints in business electric happen from time to time. Fortunately, there are depart which supports the interest of the energy customers to ensure quality service from electric and gas suppliers.

Introduction To Ofgem
The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, or commonly known as Ofgem, is an independent regulation body that works with the government. Their goal is to protect and secure the energy customers’ interests through several ways such as providing value for the customer’s money, supervising the energy market and the competition, and regulating government schemes. The department also secures the gas and electric supply and sustainability for household and business users.
Ofgem is administered by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority or also known as GEMA. As an independent department, it recovers their expenses by regulating companies. Licensed companies must settle their annual license fee, which is then used to fund Ofgem’s cost.

Making A Complain With Ofgem
Complaints are inevitable but customers can settle issues with their business electric suppliers simply and quickly. It usually takes four easy steps such as contacting the company, talking to the company, support and taking it further.
Before anything else, it’s best to call the energy supplier directly through their phone number found on their website or on the billing statement. Meanwhile, most energy suppliers have online chat support who can assist with giving the right contact number. The complaints can be done in writing, email, or through a phone call.
Talking to them is another step. Take advantage of this phase to let the current energy supplier know what the problem is and the need for it to be resolved.

In any case that the customer is unable to reach the energy supplier or an extra support is needed, they can call Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 040506 or go to their website:

The consumer service will give advice, information, or even assist with their expertise if needed.
All energy suppliers are required to handle complaints proactively. They will provide a complaint procedure to resolve the problem.
Moreover, energy customers can take their concerns further by notifying the Ombudsman Services Energy. The department is responsible for investigating the problem if it wasn’t addressed properly even after 8 weeks or if the energy supplier won’t do any more to resolve the problem before two months is over. Requiring the company to do various resolutions such as correcting the problem, apologizing, explaining about the incident, and giving financial award are some of the things that the Ombudsman Services: Energy (OS:E) can do.

Complaints That Ombudsman Services Energy Deals With
The department can handle complaints that are related to electric and gas bills, problems after switching to another supplier, power cut and other energy supply issues, doorstep sales and other inappropriate ways of selling the energy products and services, and micro generation.
However, not all energy concerns can be handled by the OS:E which includes malicious or unjustified issues, liquid propane gas (LPG, and other problems that are handled by other courts. Also, it does not cover price increases or other issues that that provided under their terms and other problems that are outside their time limits.

Advice About Consumer Right
Formerly known as Citizens Advice Bureau, the Citizens Advice is an independent network that provides free advice about energy supply issues as well as general consumer problems. It also gives confidential information that will help consumers with legal, money and other problems.
The independent network’s power includes conducting an investigation from vulnerable gas and electricity customers or customers that complaint about threatened or actual disconnection.

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