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How To Reduce Business Electric Bills

While receiving utility bills every month is usual, it is still a nightmare for many households and businesses. The increase in prices adds up to the discomfort, however, for someone who’s wise enough, there are effective ways on how to trim the expenses.
Here are some ways on how to reduce business electric bills:

1. Take Advantage Of The Free Energy Audit
Most electric companies offer energy audit program without any costs to ensure that their business clients are efficiently using their energy. For businesses who want to lessen their expenses, you can call your current energy supplier and ask if they can send someone over to help you cut down your energy expenses.

2. Use Energy-efficient Light Bulbs To Replace The Burned-Out Ones
Energy-efficient light bulbs are available almost anywhere, and those are not available for nothing. These bulbs help a lot in reducing especially if it will be used for 10 hours or more a day. Apparently, replacing a 60W light bulb with a 6W LED light will save up to £240 a year. Although LED bulbs come more expensive than the regular ones, it consumes less electricity that it will pay itself off by reducing electric bills.

3. Buy Programmable Thermostat As An Investment
Just like other investments, a programmable thermostat is also expensive, however, it works wonderfully in terms of reducing energy costs. The thermostat works by automatically adjusting its temperature when no one is in the office working.

4. Implement Standard Practices That Would Reduce Energy Expenses
There are many energy-efficient ways that would help reduce high utility bills such as closing the business for a day and turning off the lights and other equipment as possible. The more energy-efficient activities you can incorporate into regular routines, the more you can save.

5. Invest In Energy-efficient Items For The Workplace
A workplace consumes so much energy in a day and using energy-efficient items can help save money. One example is the energy-efficient microwave which lessens energy billings more than the regular one. Consider spending a little more at first on quality, energy-efficient items and enjoy the savings you can have in the future.

6. Air Seal The Business
Air leaks are common trouble in business spaces and it becomes more troublesome because employees may not notice this, causing higher expensive bills. Therefore, a careful air sealing in the office area or other business premises eliminates air leaks, keeping the cool or heated air where it should be. Moreover, it reduces energy costs.

7. Hibernate Computers During Weekends and Evenings
While most businesses shut non-important computers during night time, some people don’t. Obviously, this adds up to the energy costs, therefore, it’s ideal to make the turn-off automatic or at least use the hibernate mode. This does not only lessen the energy consumed but also reduce the risk of losing the work in case of an unexpected brownout.

8. Consider Solar Panels
Apart from saving a huge amount from utility bills, solar energy is a renewable source of energy. It might cost a little more at first but it can be recovered in the coming years. Unlike the traditional ones, it lasts longer and has lower maintenance problems.

9. Discourage Excessive Use Of Electricity

When the area is not needed, advise employees to switch off the lights in the corridors, restroom, cafeteria, meeting rooms, and workstations. Take advantage of daylight as much as possible.

10. Find Tax Breaks For Energy Efficiency
Sometimes, the local government may give tax incentives for purchasing energy saving appliances for business use that reduces energy consumption. There are even public utility companies that provide rebates for energy saving initiatives.

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