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Compare business electricity prices...FREE and completely ONLINE

Yes, a comparison and switching service that enables you to check the market at the click of a button and provide you with options to compare business electricity prices. Our free comparison and switching service provides you with all the relevant information and when you are ready to switch, without any interruption to your supply, we will be there to help you and when your contract is due for renewal we will remind you in good time and present you the best options available so you will avoid any expensive rollover contracts.

The best commercial electricity prices on the market

Furthermore, not only are we committed to offering you the best business electricity price comparison on the market, but we analyse the small print of energy suppliers' terms and conditions and give them a 'star rating'. This way you get the lowest prices, as well as understanding exactly what you are signing up for.

The business electric prices you are paying now could increase significantly overnight so it pays to check now with the Energy Advice Line. We pride ourselves on being a consumer champion, helping firms of all sizes find the cheapest commercial electricity prices on the market.

Controlling the cost of your businesses electricity bills

Energy regulator Ofgem has investigated business electricity price comparison and found that firms which use a reputable price comparison service like the Energy Advice Line are more likely to have lower bills than those who stay with the same supplier year after year. There is no doubt that it literally pays to shop around and to stay in control of your firms supply.

Once you have switched your electricity supplier why not do the same for your gas supply?

Compare business electricity prices online and find the best deal

A completely free and impartial service

Evaluate prices from leading business electricity suppliers

Energy Saving in action

  • See all major suppliers prices ONLINE
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  • We help 1000's of businesses every year