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Any supplier offering competitive business energy rates will be included in our panel. Suppliers we have terms with currently include Axis, British Gas, CNG, Dual Energy, EDF, e·on, Haven Power, iSupply, nPower, Opus Energy, Scottish Power and SSE.

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Axis for Business British Gas CNG
Founded in 2001 Axis is an independent telecoms and energy supplier aiming to bring the highest quality and competitively priced services to businesses across the UK.

They are passionate about their customers and provide outstanding customer service. They go the extra mile to put it right and are only happy when their customer is happy. They provide customers with simple, honest, clear pricing, are competitive and aim to continuously reduce costs because of their bulk buying power.

British Gas Business is Britain’s leading supplier of energy to the business sector, and the only energy supplier dedicated to the needs of small to medium sized customers through to industrial and commercial customers.

The creation of a distinct business unit in 2002 enabled British Gas Business to focus on the specific needs of businesses, from core gas and electricity services to the central heating care.

British Gas deliver electricity and gas to 6.035 million (22%*) domestic consumers in the UK.

CNG started in 1994 following the deregulation of the UK gas industry and their portfolio of satisfied commercial customers has grown ever since.

Deregulation sparked opportunities for real competition in the gas industry, and a welcome chance for the sector’s true innovators to break the mould and offer a more progressive and customer-focused service. The people behind CNG fit that mould and bring the expertise gained over decades of experience to the businesses they serve today.

Crown Energy Dual Energy EDF
Crown Energy is the energy and utility division of Crown Oil Ltd with over 60 years experience supplying gas, electricity and utilities to homes, businesses, public sector and the construction industry.

Crown pride themselves on attention to detail; their capabilities span every aspect of the gas, electricity, water and telecom supply markets. They give specialist advice for any Single or Multi-Utility projects and are able to offer the flexibility of contracts of supply for all sizes.

Dual Energy is an independent, UK owned energy supplier leading the way in Smart Meter billing, low energy prices and dedicated Customer Services. Established since 2009, as a genuine alternative to the ‘Big 6’, we help thousands of UK businesses to better manage their energy usage and reduce their monthly bills.

Dual Energy is a real alternative to the traditional big six supplier in terms of price and customer service and installing free Smart Meters, their customers benefit from accurate billing and automated reads.

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and a wholly-owned subsidary of the EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest energy groups.

EDF Group’s activities include generation, trading, transmission, distribution, supply, and other energy services. It has over 38 million customers in Europe, with over 28 million of these in France and the UK. EDF was founded in 1946 and became a public limited company (EDF SA) in November 2004.

EDF Energy deliver electricity and gas to 3.666 million (13%*) domestic consumers in the UK.

eon Extra Energy Haven Power
e·on is one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, the second largest electricity generator in the UK, and owner of the second largest distribution network. e·on UK is part of German parent company e·on; the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas company.

e·on deliver electricity and gas to 4.922 million (18%*) domestic consumers in the UK.

Extra Energy is a new energy supplier with a fresh attitude towards energy. Their mission is to generate outstanding cost savings, which they pass onto their customers. By running a highly efficient and lean organisation, they are able to keep their operational costs low, allowing them to offer big savings to businesses and households across the UK.

They offer:

  • Highly competitive energy rates for homes and businesses
  • A friendly, flexible and approachable service
  • UK based customer contact centres
  • Easy to understand bills and documents
Haven Power is an electricity supply company established specifically to serve the energy needs of business customers. Providing a real alternative to the large, multinational power suppliers, Haven Power offers smaller businesses a simple, accurate, predictable, and cost-effective electricity supply.

Haven Power is part of The Welsh Power Group and has the resources, confidence, and backing of a major generation group. Haven Power is large enough to offer competitive pricing but small enough to provide a flexible, responsive service to business customers.

iSupply Energy nPower Opus Energy
iSupply Energy is a brand new, British-owned and operated electricity supplier based in Dorset, on the South Coast of England. They believe in doing the right thing for you. Their goal is to put you back in control of how you choose to buy your energy.

They want to help revolutionise the domestic energy market. Through simple and new products, technology, honesty and plain hard work, they want to help re-build trust in an industry that is long overdue a change.

nPower are the retail arm of German owners RWE nPower, a leading integrated UK energy supplier, part of the RWE Group. RWE nPower operates and manages flexible, low-coast coal, oil, and gas-fired power stations and are developing innovative energy-related technologies.

nPower deliver electricity and gas to 4.048 million (15%*) domestic consumers in the UK.

Opus Energy is a leading independent supplier of gas and electricity to the business sector, offering companies a competitive source of energy and a high standard of customer care.

Established in 2002, Opus Energy supplies energy to over 200,000 properties across the UK. Many of their customers are small and medium sized businesses who enjoy the savings they can offer, along with flexible and accurate billing. Opus Energy’s long term power supply agreement with GDF SUEZ enables them to provide customers with a reliable source of low-cost electricity.

ovo Scottish Power SSE
As a small, independent energy supplier, ovo watch wholesale prices like a hawk to buy at just the right time. They’re big about service, not big profits so any savings they make come right back to the consumer.

They have a long-standing set up with Cool Earth, helping to protect 100,000 acres of precious rainforest.

Scottish Power is a leading provider of electricity and gas, serving five million homes and businesses in the UK, and in the western United States. They generate electricity, operate and maintain large power delivery networks, and provide a full range of energy supply services, including metering, billing, and call centre support.

Scottish Power deliver electricity and gas to 3.218 million (12%*) domestic consumers in the UK.

Formed in 1948 as The Southern Electricity Board, they are now part of the only UK owned energy supplier Scottish and Southern Electricity Group plc, an FTSE 100 company.

Scottish and Southern Energy Group currently manage the largest distribution network in the UK.

Scottish and Southern Energy Group deliver electricity and gas to 5.225 million (19%*) domestic consumers in the UK.

* Energy Supply Probe – Initial Findings Report OFGEM Ref 104/08 6th October 2008.