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Energy Advice Line urges tenants to heed OFGEM advice and switch suppliers.

01 October 2016

The Energy Advice Line said an OFGEM survey, which found that three-quarters of tenants had never switched suppliers, was worrying as it proved that most consumers in rented accommodation were probably losing out financially.

Julian Morgan, managing director of the price comparison and switching service for business and domestic energy consumers, said it was clear that many tenants did not know they had the right to change suppliers.

“If a tenant is directly responsible for paying the rent then they probably have the right to choose their energy supplier,” Mr Morgan said.

“Tenants should therefore take control of their electricity and gas supplies and secure the best deals.

“The OFGEM research backs up what we have long argued: switching suppliers pays. And the benefits can be as much as £190 a year.”

Mr Morgan said tenants moving into new properties should make gas and electricity supplies a top priority, as energy bills now represented a significant overhead.

“With energy prices rising, budget-conscious households can’t afford to pay any more than they need to for their energy,” Mr Morgan said.

“The moment tenants move in they should shop around and secure the best deal they can. Just assuming that all is well because the gas and electricity supplies are on could be an expensive mistake.

“The previous tenants might well have been on a very expensive tariff and to continue with the same supplier might not make any sense at all.”

Mr Morgan urged tenants who were unsure about who was responsible for energy supplies to the property to clarify the situation with their landlord.

“If a landlord has an arrangement with a particular supplier then tenants have the right to know, as well details of the tariff they are paying.

“It might be in their interests to check with a reputable price comparison and switching service to make sure that the tariff is competitive.

“If there are better deals to be found then tenants might want to advise their landlords accordingly.”

The Energy Advice Line is an impartial comparison, switching and advice service for businesses and householders. It actively campaigns for reform of the UK’s energy market to boost competition, get consumers a better deal from suppliers and lower energy prices.

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