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Driving Customer Enagement

28 February 2019

Driving customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a top priority of many businesses. Understandable considering a business can’t be a business without customers… but what actually is customer engagement and how do you get good at it?

Customer engagement had been widely defined as a business’s deliberate effort to motivate, empower, and measure customer contributions to marketing functions, but there are so many different ways to do this, so it can often seem like a bit of a minefield. Below are our top three tips that we think could help you out.

  1. Know your customer

Before you can think about how you are going to engaging your audience, you need to understand them. The best way to do this is by profiling your customers, splitting customers into groups and identifying their goals for interacting with your product or service, which touch points they are likely to use to engage with your product or service and why they are choosing to interact in this way. For example, if you own a pet shop, you may have a customer profile of a 22-year-old woman who has a small dog but has a very busy life so may only purchase items online as it is quick and easy. It is best to profile a number of customers so that you can understand a variety of your customers, this way you are not blinkering yourself to just one target.

  1. Humanise your company

One way to make it easier for your customer to engage with your brand is to humanise the business. Do this by creating a personality centred around what your company values and what you stand for, once you have done this don’t be afraid to share an opinion or something funny that will simply make your customers laugh – not everything you put out has to be about your product/service. Doing this will begin to build a relationship between the business and customer and is more likely to not only result in a sale, but a repeat sale because there will be trust and mutual respect between both parties. It is important to remember that people buy people, so make the most of that.

  1. Have a clear strategy

When creating your marketing/ customer engagement strategy, it is important to have clear aims and objectives and a set plan of how this will be achieved. This way you can measure the levels of engagement from different streams, for example social media or live chat on your website, to identify things that do work and things that don’t. there is also a lot of evidence to suggest that marketing campaigns that are well thought out and planned in advance, generate a lot more engagement and are generally a lot more successful than when companies just push things out sporadically.

We hope these three tips will be helpful and can’t wait to see how our customers put them into practice!

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