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Unfortunately, business electricity and gas customers in the UK are bombarded with cold calls on a daily basis. At Energy Advice Line we have started a campaign to say 'no' to business energy cold calling. Click here to find out more.


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Small businesses still struggling for bank finance

Small businesses are still struggling to get bank finance despite Government assurances that banks would be forced to start lending again to help get small to medium enterprises back on their feet. With the constant scare stories about spiralling business energy costs, this will be a perilous time...

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Business energy savings, the difference between profit or loss?

Saving money on essential overheads, such as energy, has always been an important issue for businesses, no more so than now! The current climate has created an environment where customers are coming to the market to review their business electricity and business gas costs. When considering your...

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A BIG Plug for Energy Savings…online

Energy Advice Line has been working with LexisClick Online Marketing for nearly two years now to ensure that businesses are aware of the savings that can be made to their business electricity and business gas bills. In those two years visit to the site have increased from just over 700 visits per...

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Cut your business utility costs with the Energy Advice Line

There is a potential risk that a number of business sectors will start to feel the affect of a slow-down in customer spending on the high street. However, small and medium-sized business owners are also being warned to monitor the price they pay for commodities such as business electricity and...

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Energy Advice Line launches its Affiliate Programme

Helping businesses cut costs! At a time when businesses in the UK face the very harsh reality of an economic recession, small and medium-sized businesses are being advised to act now to address the increase of these essential overheads by comparing what they are currently paying with what is...

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A testimony to their success – Energy Advice Line – Business Energy Comparison Service

Too often all we hear in the newspapers is bad news as that’s apparently what sells, but don’t tell Susan Boyle or Jamie Pugh that (Britain’s got Talent)! There is, however, a lot to be said for encouraging good news, especially in the business community as we like to know we are...

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Improving the customer experience – Business Electricity

With an increased level of competition in every marketplace, businesses have to be on their toes and always looking for additional ways to improve their competitive edge…...

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Warning to Business Energy Consumers – Be vigilant about your contract renewal!

At Energy Advice Line we have a number of clients every day that come to us for advice on business electricity and business gas prices. Often this is after they find that they have been rolled over on to a new contract term on significantly higher prices without warning by their current business...

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Business Telecoms savings…nothing changes except the price

As a leading price comparison service, the Energy Advice Line (EAL) has helped 1000’s of businesses save money on their electricity and gas costs. With the current economic climate in mind, they have teamed up with a leading telecoms provider to help businesses reduce the cost of another...

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Delivering Energy Promises

If you’re a business, when it comes to monitoring your overheads it pays to check the small print very carefully if you are reviewing your business energy contracts, whether that’s business electricity or business gas. Some companies are happy to put this to a third party broker and so...

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Helping businesses save money on their energy bills and providing impartial advice

Energy Advice Line (EAL) have tailored themselves as consumer champions of the business energy market, believing that everyone should be entitled to clear, trustworthy and impartial advice about their business utility bills. Energy Advice Line are a totally independent business energy comparison...

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Is your current supplier Electricity 4 Business (E4B)?

Review Your Options and Switch to a new Supplier NOW! Electricity 4 Business (E4B) was placed into administration on Wednesday 22nd October 2008. Electricity 4 Business (E4B) customers need to review their options now and agree a new fixed price energy contract at the earliest possible opportunity...

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Why small and medium-sized businesses must remain vigilant about assumptive supplier renewal tactics

Small and medium sized businesses in the UK must be wary of the assumptive renewal tactics employed by business electric and business gas suppliers in the UK, warns the Energy Advice Line. For the majority of SME business energy consumers assumptive renewal is common place when the client is coming...

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Beware of Cold Callers!

Attention Small and Medium-Sized Businesses – Beware of Energy Sales Cold Call Tactics! Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK are being subjected to an increased number of unsolicited cold calls from energy sales agents or suppliers! This old fashioned sales tactic uses misleading...

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Beware of Supplier Win-Back Tactics warns the UK’s Energy Watchdog

Energywatch, the UK’s gas and electricity watchdog is warning customers to beware of win-back phone calls from British Gas Business. Julian Morgan, Commercial Director at the Energy Advice Line explains “The win-back tactic from British Gas is putting the client in a very difficult...

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Switch Business Electricity Supplier with Confidence

With electricity and gas price rises very much a focus of attention at present, small and medium-sized businesses need to know what options and alternatives are available before they can confidently switch to a new supplier and realise what can be a significant annual saving. A new service to help...

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